Friday, July 11, 2008

Open Day 2008

Yesterday was Open Day for this year, my last open day in my life. Haha. How was it? As usual, after getting the report card my mum will start asking me to work harder. Well, that's true, I will have to work harder now. From my results this time compared to last time, although it's still not good but from my own view I know that I've improved. 4 more months to go and I can relax for the next 6 months provided I don't go for NS.

Band life?? Nothing is up with band life as I'm partially retired from the band. More of taking a break for the SPM examinations. I still attend sectional practices but not formal practices. SO, will be back after SPM. Back To MMB~!

Woops~ I've got nothing much to blog this week. So let's enjoy the videos~!

Deal Or No Deal

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