Monday, July 21, 2008

N80 vs Nokia 3250

I woke up yesterday morning and my bro told me that a package has arrived for me. Well, I knew what's that but I did not expect it to come so fast. Good job Skynet. What came for me was a phone I bought from a guy in N80 Internet Edition with 3mp camera and wifi functions. So, it's a great phone but except one thing. The slider had problems. It was too loose. So I had to go to a shop in Ipoh Garden to fix it up which ended up changing the whole housing of the phone. But I wasn't dissapointed as I sold my Nokia 3250 at quite a high price and bought the N80 at a lower price so I had extra money for the new housing. Means, I did not actually profit anything. Haha. Can't wait for the phone to come back on monday in it's brand new look. What I have to do now is to back up everything from my nokia 3250 into the computer because these two phones use two types of memory cards. So I will have to back them up into the pc then download it back to the N80. Another is that, now I feel a little depressed on selling off my nokia 3250. It had been with me for 1 year ++ and I had feelings for it after using it for so long. But, a chinese saying sounds " How would the new one come if the old one doesn't go?" Hehe. So it's time to upgrade my phone. Take care N3250. Welcome N80. ^^

Went to the movies with my bro last friday to watch "HANCOCK". Great movie. It's the first time I hang out with my bro and it's nice to have moments like that. Grabbed some Big Apple donuts after the movie and got a couple that stats from 1st till 30th August, every purchase of 12 donuts will entitle me 6 extra donuts for free. Buy 12 free 6, buy 6 free 3. Great~!! Just what I needed.

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