Friday, January 30, 2009

I Am Back

Hello everyone. Hehe I am back in Ipoh. I went to KL yesterday and came back on the same day.Hehe I am not going to study first now. I just went there have a look and came back. Things there did not suit me after all. Gues I will be waiting for SPM results. Hehe. Will be working for the time being. Just started looking for jobs today and hopefully to get one. Hehe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year and Farewell

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Yea to all of you. This year's chinese new year has been a good one compared to last year and I did almost everything I wanted to but angpaus was not the factor. Hehe. Now I am feeling both happy and sad. Happy for this year's chinese new year and sad for leaving Ipoh. Will be leaving 2 days from now. Well packed and ready to move but my heart is still heavy pulled by the urge to stay. Oh man. I can imagine studying outside is fun but I am not sure if it is as nice as how I imagine it. Although Cyberjaya is a deserted area but at least I get to onlinewhich is my favourite pass time. BUT there is also one problem. The place where I am staying still doesn't have internet connection. It seems they are giving us IDs to sign in to wireless connections on orientation day. Hopefully it's true. Can't believe those people too.

Anyway, pray for me. Hopefully I can get use with the surroundings there. Take care my friends. May we meet in the future. =)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, these days I am getting prepared for chinese new year as well as preparations to go to MMU. My laptop just arrived today. Thanks to Edwin my cousin for his kindness to help me buy it from KL And of course, special thanks to my mum who got me this laptop. Hehe. This is a really nice laptop with the specifications then I want. I hunted for this laptop one whole night and I found this model. It's DELL Studio 15. Ya, 15.4" LCD screen. Big enough to watch movies and enjoy myself. Hehe. Life in cyberjaya will be boring without a laptop to watch movies and listen to songs. Hehe, I have to get myself a form of entertainment to replace the shopping malls. Haha.
Got to start packing my stuffs tomorrow. Very heavy hearted to leave but I have to.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009...

Well well well, let's see, one week away from chinese new year 2009. As some of you know, I had measles last year during chinese new year and that ruined my whole celebration, staying at home spending time resting. This year is gonna be different. I have to replace what I did not do last year. Hehe, especially the eating part. So, let's see what I've been preparing these two weeks. Hehehe

The frying of prawn and fish crackers. ot me but my strong standing 80 years old grandfather. He is old but still strong. He will fry the crackers up and I will help to cool them down and do QC(Quality Check). Haha

Nicely fried fish crackers

All the soft drinks we bought from Tesco

However, I can only celebrate for 3 days and I have to go to KL already. *SIGH*. But nevermind, I can continue my celebration with my new friends there. (I TRY) =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

WOW 2 Tags From CYY

Good thing I have nothing to do now. Hehe.

1) Do you think you're hot ?
Nope.. I am feeling normal

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.

3) Why do you like that picture ?
He is a good man

4) When was the last time you ate pizza ?
few weeks back

5) The last song you listen to ?
Crush - David Archuleta

6) What do you do right now besides this ?
Waiting for SMS replies

7) What name do you prefer besides yours ??

  1. Jeffery
  2. Karen
  3. Khai Wern
  4. Joel 001
8) Who is number 1 ?
A friend of mine

9) Number 3 is having relationship with ?

10) Say something about number 2 ?
I think she is a nice girl

11) How about 4 ?
Permanently lamed...

MMU Here I Come

Yesterday morning I woke up and checked my application status online for MMU. And this is what I've got

Then at the same time my bro told me that my letter arrived. Well, after looking at that webpage I knew it would. Anyhow, I got the stuffs and I checked it all up and to my surprise there is a letter saying that there are no more hostels available. Zzz. I called them up and they told me hostels are only for seniors. Oh kie. They gave me a list of contacts behind for apartments and condos to be rent. So I checked out a few and today I finally booked one double sharing room at the townvilla. I was lucky because this townvilla has opened only one unit for MMU students started yesterday and today it already has 7 people. I quickly registered. lolx

So now it's time to start to pack and buy my stuffs as I have to go right after chinese new year on 29th. Sigh. So fast. One week left for me to enjoy. Pray hard for me that I could mix around with new people from all over the country there. Hehe

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Updates

It has been a wonderful day yesterday. Let me line out what went on yesterday. Firstly, I woke up at about 11 something in the morning and my family and I went to parade. Initially, the plan was to go there for a walk and get myself a new pair of sport shoes BUT the parking lots were so full AND there will be badminton games on TV. So, we decided to go to town and go to a sports shop to get the shoes. I got myself a pair of Yonex and my mum got herself a pair of Line7. I love those shoes. Hehe. Next up, we all went home then my brother, his friend(Gabriel) and I went out to get some snacks and cendol to munch while watching TV and I went on sitting in fron of the computer AGAIN. That's what I've been doing most of the time at home. Hehe. Then in the evening, Yen Tung dropped by my house to drop me a gift. It was great, later I tell you why. We went to Yeolde English for dinner. The meal was great but not filling enough. Anyhow, we moved on to church but before that, my bro got me a cake. Thanks bro~! Then after church we went home and started the little party. And after that, we went out again for supper. Kekeke

Thanks to Yen Tung for her gift and this delicious cake. My favourite cake. Haha

Thanks To my bro for this delicious cake~!!

Thanks to Gabriel for his Thumb Drive. Just what I wanted~!

One night before, my friend called me and their whole group of them sang me a birthday song through the phone. That was the best. I've never tried that before. It was great. Thank you all~!!

Not to forget, the cute and adorable :: JINGLE BELL

Thanks to everyone who gave me a wonderful birthday this year. It has been a wonderful birthday. Thanks to all who wished me. Thank you~!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy

A boy borned in 10th Junuary 1991 is making his day a memorable one again today. WOOOoooo I am 18 this year. Wow, I like this number. It sounds so matureand independent but it is more of the opposite of it. Haha. Today is the 18th year anniversary of my life on earth and I am still thinking of what cake to get later in the afternoon. No more secret recipe cake I guess. Had too much already. Let's go back to normal cakes. l0lx.

At the same time, today is Joshua's birthday too. An old friend of mine since primary school who shares the same birthday as me. I wish him happy birthday too and hopefully he sees this message. That's if he ever comes in. l0lx.
Another one is Bryan. Another good friend of mine whom I know since form 1 in band. He is one day older than me and Joshua and well, BRYAN, Happy Birthday to you too. ^^

Updates on MMU - The results will be out next week. Hope to get in but if I can't, then I will have to wait for a few months. However, it's not a bad thing. We will see~

Thanks to all who wished me. Thank you all ^.^

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Answering Tags For The First Time

I never did any tags before. Sorry to those who tagged me before. Hehe. Now I have to the time to do all these. This was tagged by weyly

1. Post 5-10 things you want most on your birthday.
2. Reasons that are reasonable and realistic.
3. Think about your friends economy.
4. Be as detailed as possible. (similar pictures, which shop u saw it, etc)
5. Think about your friends economy again
6. If you want something expensive, list down a group of people that you think could share their money so everyone's budget doesn't exceed rm10.
7. Tag at least 5 of your friends. Unless you don't have any.

Your Date of Birth : Coming Soon...

(1) I would like, nokia 5800xm, a new laptop, new cymbals for my drumset, new sport shoes
(I can't think of many)
(2) Nokia 5800xm - Cause I like its design and functions
New laptop - I want this before I further my studies ( no laptop no life )
New Cymbals - I want better crushes and rides for my drumset
New sport shoes - I wanna exercises comfortably
(3) I guess my friends can't afford those stuffs as we are all still students. =.=
(4) Haha, I don't really have pictures of all those but everything can be found anywhere
(5) Haha, same question again...
(6) Everyone pays Rm10 and if there are 10 of them at elast I could get my sport shoes.. lol
(7) 5?? This should be easy. Let me tag michelle, sharon, teenwei, wai keong, khai wern, jeffery


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ice-Creams To Remember


I've been eating a lot of ice cream this week. I ate many times of ice creams this month. Hehe. Let's see what I took this week ::

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, I ate this yesterday. Yea, it was great. ^^

Haagen Dazs, I ate this erm.. last Sunday night in Penang. They don't have it here in Ipoh

Ok. It all went into my stomach. So, today, me and my family went for a jog in stadium. At first I was very lazy to go for a jog. Haha. But then I went anyway. So i started jogging and jogging. I ran 13 rounds x 200m. It was a great work out for all the ice creams I had this month. Aaaahhhh....

This photo has nothing to do with this post but I found this in my mum's blog. So let me put it up

This was went I went to Singapore and attended my mum's friend's son's wedding. Not my wedding