Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year and Farewell

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Yea to all of you. This year's chinese new year has been a good one compared to last year and I did almost everything I wanted to but angpaus was not the factor. Hehe. Now I am feeling both happy and sad. Happy for this year's chinese new year and sad for leaving Ipoh. Will be leaving 2 days from now. Well packed and ready to move but my heart is still heavy pulled by the urge to stay. Oh man. I can imagine studying outside is fun but I am not sure if it is as nice as how I imagine it. Although Cyberjaya is a deserted area but at least I get to onlinewhich is my favourite pass time. BUT there is also one problem. The place where I am staying still doesn't have internet connection. It seems they are giving us IDs to sign in to wireless connections on orientation day. Hopefully it's true. Can't believe those people too.

Anyway, pray for me. Hopefully I can get use with the surroundings there. Take care my friends. May we meet in the future. =)

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