Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, these days I am getting prepared for chinese new year as well as preparations to go to MMU. My laptop just arrived today. Thanks to Edwin my cousin for his kindness to help me buy it from KL And of course, special thanks to my mum who got me this laptop. Hehe. This is a really nice laptop with the specifications then I want. I hunted for this laptop one whole night and I found this model. It's DELL Studio 15. Ya, 15.4" LCD screen. Big enough to watch movies and enjoy myself. Hehe. Life in cyberjaya will be boring without a laptop to watch movies and listen to songs. Hehe, I have to get myself a form of entertainment to replace the shopping malls. Haha.
Got to start packing my stuffs tomorrow. Very heavy hearted to leave but I have to.

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