Saturday, January 17, 2009

MMU Here I Come

Yesterday morning I woke up and checked my application status online for MMU. And this is what I've got

Then at the same time my bro told me that my letter arrived. Well, after looking at that webpage I knew it would. Anyhow, I got the stuffs and I checked it all up and to my surprise there is a letter saying that there are no more hostels available. Zzz. I called them up and they told me hostels are only for seniors. Oh kie. They gave me a list of contacts behind for apartments and condos to be rent. So I checked out a few and today I finally booked one double sharing room at the townvilla. I was lucky because this townvilla has opened only one unit for MMU students started yesterday and today it already has 7 people. I quickly registered. lolx

So now it's time to start to pack and buy my stuffs as I have to go right after chinese new year on 29th. Sigh. So fast. One week left for me to enjoy. Pray hard for me that I could mix around with new people from all over the country there. Hehe

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