Friday, October 30, 2009

Semester 2 : The End

Tonight will be my last night here in INTI for this year. Wakaka. I will be proceeding for my 2 months holiday break. YEAH!! Exam ended this evening and my friends and I of course gotta go for some fun, so went went all the way cross the bridge to AUTOCITY just to eat SUBWAY burgers =.="

For 4 of US
ME and Gab's one foot long burger after being cut into half ^^
IN the INSIDE, all turkey meat
IT's called
I also forgot already =.=
The price wasn't that expensive as we had expected. It was around 10 bucks per person to fill our stomachs. But it's the burger alone without drinks whatsoever add-ons. Burger alone 10 bucks per person. Ok, worth the try. It's nice and filling actually. there are many more to try, there are 12 more choices of burgers to try with many ways for you to shape your burger the way you want it. Here is how it goes
Yeapz, you have instructions on how to order your burger at different ways to keep your stomach happy but OF COURSE, there is a price for everything. Every add-on is direectly proportional to your wallet size. The more you add, the more you have to substract from your wallet. ^^

Hours later, we went for burgers again but no more SUBWAY or MCD, we went for Ramli.
And only RM3.50 for a Burger Ayam Special...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

War With Time

Exams are coming in 3 days. I'm currently having a war with time. I gotta revise a lot more before the exams. Time is not enough. Thinking on the positive side, my mind tells me "The faster the time passes, the faster you get to enjoy your holidays", my negative mind tell me "Time is passing very fast, better study more". My situation now is WORK HARD OR DIE TRYING. Haha.

Sleeping late nights again. I think i can work better when the sun goes down because no matter what time I sleep, I will still wake up late, so why not sleep late and minimize my sleeping time since my waking time is the same. Sleep early wake up late, sleep late also wake up late. Sleep late ba. ^^

Not everyone can get an optimum sleep of 8 hours a day

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week Before Exams

I am exactly one week, not before the exams, but one week awake from holidays =)
My exams are less than a week away cause my exams will be starting on next wednesday. Time passes fast yea, second semester is gonna end soon already. Second semester wasn't as enjoyable as the first semester though.

So, exams coming, time to push. Just got all my coursework marks. Satisfying enough. It's now all up to my final exam day. Gotta push. Currently having a break off my EEE studies. Reading all through from the top of the syllabus to the end. =.=

I don't know what to say already!! It's time to study. Haha. Gonna blog more during the holidays. gotta gain back my readers attention before I leave the blog dying. My 3 years of blogging efforts. ^^

This is what I'm doing now. LOL

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Night At Queensbay

Yesterday was the day we all passed up our assignments, reports and finished all out tests. So, to release all our accumulated stress/pressure and to reward ourselves after so many sleepless nights, we decided to hang out in Queensbay. BUT at night =.= Went with Gabriel, King Foong and Wooi Kit. Navin wasn't able to make it because he went back to Ipoh for Deepavali. HAPPY DEEPAVALI NAVIN So, it's just us.

We went to watch Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs but the movie was at 11.30pm. We reached Queensbay around 10pm and we had nothing to do. We walked out of Queensbay at the south entrance and went back in at the north entrance. Nothing better to do. Then we got hungry but all the shops were closed except for some like Coffee Bean and Starbucks but these are not the kind of coffee shops we were expecting to go. Must Jaga Wallet also ma. LOL
So we continued walking and thought that we would end up with poopcorns later instead. Then we found J.CO Donuts & Coffee!! There were so many irresistable donuts "calling us". Our stomachs were drumming and ARGH we fell for it =)
So this was what we ate. (Took me so long to upload the pictures) Noob hostel line.
The tempting donuts calling to our stomachs

These are what we bought for 3 people. Foong doesn't like fancy donuts =.=

The Choices of Drinks ( Tempting)

After movies we went to Nasi Kandar Pelita for supper before going home =)

Next up after this will be study time for Final Exams next week. Pray hard and have faith in God Andy. You can do it!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Semester 2 is so suffering. It's good to know that I'm not the only one but all my coursemates. Every single coursemates of mine are suffering from the current lecturer. Today itself we passed up our second and last assignment together with a lab report and sat for a test in the afternoon. I feel so exhausted already. I slept 630 in the morning today just to finish up the assignment and so did everyone else. Everyone went home looking dead after the test today and no one was at the mood to smile at all. Assignment was a screw up and so was test. Why did the lecturer want to treat us like this? Assignment sounds easy. Only answering of questions but the thing is that the answers are hard to find. Even if it can be found it is only a rough idea of what we need to write in. It's like after a long time searching in books, walking through the internet and asking around, we can only find A and what is required is what comes after A. I just hope to pass this semester with 3.0 and maintain my scholarship. I do not want to see this lecturer anymore through my whole college life.

My only hope now is to leave everything to God. I surrender all to him purely. I've done my best having late night sleeps. Spending nights in McD for the internet connection. I want to have a good sleep but too bad there is still maths assignment, another 2 lab reports and a maths test coming ahead. I'm enough. It's all about Him to help me now. I feel so exhausted already. Totally stressed up in short semester.

Final exams are 2 weeks from now!!
Can't wait for semester break. I wanna relax and enjoy!!
Wanna eat homecook food!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

3 Weeks To Go

I think I used this same title before during my first semester. Same title means the same thing. I am 3 weeks behind before my final exams for this semester. Still have assignments and test to complete before the final exams.

Went to see the Head Of Program today to talk bout my current EEE lecturer. As the whole class can't catch up with what he teaches, so gotta talk to the Head bout it and the Head talked to my lecturer. Successfully, solutions were thought out and things were eventually solved FOR NOW. Assignments date due are brought forward because some of the things needed to complete the assignment haven't been taught yet. Lab works can be done in parallel now, 2 people in a group can do different parts one shot to avoid wastage of time. Cool. If we were to have known that earlier, we won't be so stress on catching up with the lab assessments. Previous topics will be revised again for better understanding. So far, everything is planned as this way. Hopefully it goes on well. According to the Head, Diploma can be hard, but when we go to degree, it would be more relaxing. Yea! Diploma is harder than foundation program, why didn't I do foundation at the first place? =.=

Money No Enough 2

I know it's outdated, but after watching it again I feel it's funny. Haha. I like the 3 of them acting(Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee) My mum's favourite singaporean actor Mark Lee. Haha.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Sudah Mali!!!

Hello again my bloggy, how have you been these days? Have you been good to the readers? Good boy...
Hello EVERYONE, it's October already. October 1st today, 2nd tomorrow and the 3rd next. Nothing much actually. Haha. My prom night duties are over. Prom night will be tomorrow night but I won't be going. Haha. No one from my class is going. The most people attending are the business people. My maths lecturer today asked why is everyone not going for prom night. We replied, "All tables were fully booked on the first day itself" Haha. Then my lecturer said. "You don't have to go to prom night. Prom night is boring. The "After prom night" activities are more fun". Haha, you've got it right there Mr. Teo.

Assignments are out again. *Sigh* just passed up assignment 1, no time to rest the 2nd one is here again. Luckily test 2 is not so soon yet, but right after test 2, there comes final exam. Hoho. Short sem no break one. ZZzzz... This time we gotta build an amplifier.. =.=

I don't like my EEE lecturer. In fact the whole class doesn't like him and the way he teach. It's so simple and so "unexplained". It's like he just concentrates on those "Repeater" students. Wahlao, it's like INTI wants us to fail as well so that they get to earn more. Zzz. But good thing I've found myself a solution. Keke. Download lecture videos from youtube. not by INTI but by other Universities. Very helpful. After watching few of them, I understand more because they explain very thoroughly. Here, we finish one chapter in one week inlusive of the breaks in between, the tutorials and the jokes. In those videos, 1 hour of full lessons and explanations with examples. Really a good help.

My bro will be departing for Italy later at 1am. *sigh* won't be meeting him till after christmas. No family trip this year end. Gonna miss my bro. Every year end our family of 4 always gather back together from studies and work but this year tak ada lo. Nasib baik, still got her =P I miss everyone, my family and her too...