Monday, October 12, 2009


Semester 2 is so suffering. It's good to know that I'm not the only one but all my coursemates. Every single coursemates of mine are suffering from the current lecturer. Today itself we passed up our second and last assignment together with a lab report and sat for a test in the afternoon. I feel so exhausted already. I slept 630 in the morning today just to finish up the assignment and so did everyone else. Everyone went home looking dead after the test today and no one was at the mood to smile at all. Assignment was a screw up and so was test. Why did the lecturer want to treat us like this? Assignment sounds easy. Only answering of questions but the thing is that the answers are hard to find. Even if it can be found it is only a rough idea of what we need to write in. It's like after a long time searching in books, walking through the internet and asking around, we can only find A and what is required is what comes after A. I just hope to pass this semester with 3.0 and maintain my scholarship. I do not want to see this lecturer anymore through my whole college life.

My only hope now is to leave everything to God. I surrender all to him purely. I've done my best having late night sleeps. Spending nights in McD for the internet connection. I want to have a good sleep but too bad there is still maths assignment, another 2 lab reports and a maths test coming ahead. I'm enough. It's all about Him to help me now. I feel so exhausted already. Totally stressed up in short semester.

Final exams are 2 weeks from now!!
Can't wait for semester break. I wanna relax and enjoy!!
Wanna eat homecook food!!


reanaclaire said...

we pray for u, son.. God will lead u through... u take care of yourself too..

Gabriel said...

All the best Andy! will keep you in prayer. Yea, have faith in God, He will bring you through. God bless.

To Glorify Him said...

Ya man, keep going..persevere and run the race and look to God, the author and perfecter of our faith! Will keep u in prayer always, dun give up