Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing Weather

The weather today is so amazing. It's the first time ever since I started studying here until now, that it rained from morning till evening non-stop. This morning was so cooling, it was reaching my level of Ideal Sleep. Haha. The whole day today, the weather was so cooling, everything was so nice. Gives me the drive to work and sleep more >.<

I will be having two tests this Wednesday and Thursday. Gotta start studying soon. Just finished taking dinner. So gonna rest for a while and get my brains working again. Too rusty already inside there I don't know how much cobwebs are there inside. Hahaha.

I feel like buying the World Cup 2010 football. The ball looks nice to me. Hehe. It's white and it looks nice. I don't play football, but I just like that ball. LoL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Woo~ I feel tired these days. I have enough sleep but I still feel tired. I have lots of work waiting for me to settle. This Friday(18/6) I have to pass up an assignment, Saturday(19/6) another assignment interview. Tsk tsk. Then Monday(21/6) lab report to be handed up, Wednesday(23/6) and Thursday(24/6) Test!!!. Wahlao... Continuing, the following Monday(28/6) another assignment to be handed up and a lab report and finally the last day, Saturday(3/7) the last interview for my assignment. Tsk tsk. So many things to do. But after that, I will have one week study break before my 2 days exams :D yea, I only have 2 papers this semester because it's a short semester (7 weeks) O.o Very short hor??? Muahaha`!!

In few weeks time, a friend of mine from Ipoh will be coming to Penang to study in USM, his name is Choon Keat. Used to be in the same class with him from Form 1 - 3 but streamed to different classes in Form 4 and 5. Good to see another Ipoh-ian here in Penang. It's so hard to find Ipoh fellas here. Haha. Another one will be Wai Keong, I think he is coming, is that right?? Haha
Well, will be waiting for their arrival. May Penang be field with more cantonese speaking people :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Study and Online

Is that what we always do as students? I feel that's what I always do. Study and Online =.= I either go to class or I sit on my bed online. Moreover, the line is like so slow, every page you load you can take a nap. So, Imagine this, if you lie down and nap every 1 minute for 5 minutes, in every 1 hour, you nap for 3 hours. Turn On time is smaller than Turn Off time. Duty cycle for this will be 75%,meaning the higher the frequency, the longer you sleep. LoL. Forget bout it. Just kidding. =D

Besides studying and online, I sleep a lot too and when I sleep, I do it on the bed of course. So, overall, I either be in class or on the bed(online or sleeping). Not only this, I also eat on the bed because I don't know why I don't like my chair except when I am doing my assignments will full seriousness., So, again the duty cycle here is 75% since I sit on the bed more than I sit on the chair. Keke. Ok stop it lar.

I like to eat Lays. Anyone here likes to eat Lays? I eat lots of Lays lately. Thanks to my supplier Wooi Kit. See kit, I help you promote your blog for giving me Lays =D

For those who don't know what Lays is, here it is, a snack !!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nothing To Do

It's seldom that I do two posts at a time, but the previous not considered =P

I had such a nice sleep yesterday. I dozed off at 9 something and woke up this morning at 7.45am and was almost late for class. Haha. Such a nice and comforting sleep. Too much sleep debt before this, so everything was cleared off now. Haha.

I have nothing to do now cause I have another class at 2pm later and I don't feel like taking a nap now like I usually do. If I take a nap now, it wouldn't be enough so I rather not nap. Haha. I finished my class this morning at 10am but then I went to town to get components for my assignment. Need to start doing my assignment 2 already. Short sem = less time. O.o Went all the way to Penang Road to get components and breakfast. Same old place for Cendol =P But somehow the Cendol doesn't feel as nice already. Hmmm...

Can't wait for my family to come to Penang again this weekend :D

Monday, June 07, 2010


What has started??!!??!! My college life busy period =.= It's short sem now , so it's about time where I'll start to be busy with assignments again. Every 2 weeks there will be assignment due dates and test. IF every assignment are only paperwork then it's ok, but the problem is one of my assignment will surely need to build circuits. This is what I don't like about analogue electronics >.< I can't wait for next semester where I'll proceed to level 2 (Digital Electronics). I think Digital would be easier than Analogue. Huhu.

Just finished my first assignment this morning at 7am and passed it up at 8am. Spent the whole night constructing and simulating different circuit designs with Gabriel. Everything was almost done by 6am but there was this minor most part to settle and we really hard no idea how to connect it. I was lying by back against the wall behind me and was thinking. All of a sudden, an idea just popped out in my head and I tested it straight away. With one test, it worked. It's God's work truely. It's a sign He wants me to take a short break before I go for my class. Praise the Lord for helping me finish my assignment. I can do all things through Him who strengthen me, a phrase I always think about.

I notice many people these days are getting more and more into photography. It seems to be a hit thing now, but the more people get into photography, the more I feel my blog is picture-less. Haha. Why is my blog so black and white? LoL. I don't think much photos. I am not photogenic myself and I don't work well with cameras. =D I rather carry my laptop around than a DSLR. LoL. I'm weird. O.O"

Friday, June 04, 2010

New Template ?? Doesn't matter me. =)

Wow, blogger changed template already. Hohoho, but still the same blogger. Haha I don't know what's the difference yet, nevermind, as long as I can update my blog. Hehe.

I was suppose to be very very busy today, but Thank God, my assignment was postponed to Monday. Initially I was suppose to hand in my EEE1103 Assignment tomorrow and take my EEE1104 test after that, meaning I have to finish two important things by today. Phew~ Good thing it has now been postponed. I was doing my revision justnow. Just wanted to take a break to update my blog and relax myself. Although not many people visits my blog, but I just update it to keep it active and treat it as my "Online Diary". LoL. Better than handwritten diaries. Need to waste paper,ink, less energy and time consumption. LoL.

As said in the previous post, my family came to visit me last Friday on Wesak Day and left on Saturday. Two days later my brother came with my uncle to Penang. Haha. The initial plan was that my brother comes here for a one day trip but ended up my brother and my uncle stayed overnight. Haha. It was so fun that day on Monday. I went to stay over with them in the hotel because I wanted to eat the buffet breakfast >.< I miss the pancakes. Haha. My class was at 8am that day and we stayed at Royal Hotel, 45 minutes away from my college I think. But I insisted =P I stayed over for the night and woke up 6am the next morning just for the breakfast and was able to reach my college at 7.45am. Haha. good thing there wasn't much traffic jams.

That night with my brother and uncle was awesome. All night my uncle was telling us his stories when he was a teenager, his adventures and stuffs. Haha, one thing similar between me and him is that, we study last minute. LoL. My uncle was a fantastic musician, guitarist. He travels around the world to perform starting at the age of 20 if I am not mistaken. WoW. How would you like to get sponsored at the age of 20 to tour around? Woo~ He has very big dreams. Just enjoyed the way he reveals his "Untold Stories". Haha. I wish I could have another chance like that again next time =D