Monday, June 07, 2010


What has started??!!??!! My college life busy period =.= It's short sem now , so it's about time where I'll start to be busy with assignments again. Every 2 weeks there will be assignment due dates and test. IF every assignment are only paperwork then it's ok, but the problem is one of my assignment will surely need to build circuits. This is what I don't like about analogue electronics >.< I can't wait for next semester where I'll proceed to level 2 (Digital Electronics). I think Digital would be easier than Analogue. Huhu.

Just finished my first assignment this morning at 7am and passed it up at 8am. Spent the whole night constructing and simulating different circuit designs with Gabriel. Everything was almost done by 6am but there was this minor most part to settle and we really hard no idea how to connect it. I was lying by back against the wall behind me and was thinking. All of a sudden, an idea just popped out in my head and I tested it straight away. With one test, it worked. It's God's work truely. It's a sign He wants me to take a short break before I go for my class. Praise the Lord for helping me finish my assignment. I can do all things through Him who strengthen me, a phrase I always think about.

I notice many people these days are getting more and more into photography. It seems to be a hit thing now, but the more people get into photography, the more I feel my blog is picture-less. Haha. Why is my blog so black and white? LoL. I don't think much photos. I am not photogenic myself and I don't work well with cameras. =D I rather carry my laptop around than a DSLR. LoL. I'm weird. O.O"

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reanaclaire said...

Thank God... take care, Andy...