Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing Weather

The weather today is so amazing. It's the first time ever since I started studying here until now, that it rained from morning till evening non-stop. This morning was so cooling, it was reaching my level of Ideal Sleep. Haha. The whole day today, the weather was so cooling, everything was so nice. Gives me the drive to work and sleep more >.<

I will be having two tests this Wednesday and Thursday. Gotta start studying soon. Just finished taking dinner. So gonna rest for a while and get my brains working again. Too rusty already inside there I don't know how much cobwebs are there inside. Hahaha.

I feel like buying the World Cup 2010 football. The ball looks nice to me. Hehe. It's white and it looks nice. I don't play football, but I just like that ball. LoL


To Glorify Him said...

yea man, its definitely super nice in ipoh oso keep on raining..haha

SonnyKazu said...

Syok man! I feel lazy to wake up once it rains...! :P