Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nothing To Do

It's seldom that I do two posts at a time, but the previous not considered =P

I had such a nice sleep yesterday. I dozed off at 9 something and woke up this morning at 7.45am and was almost late for class. Haha. Such a nice and comforting sleep. Too much sleep debt before this, so everything was cleared off now. Haha.

I have nothing to do now cause I have another class at 2pm later and I don't feel like taking a nap now like I usually do. If I take a nap now, it wouldn't be enough so I rather not nap. Haha. I finished my class this morning at 10am but then I went to town to get components for my assignment. Need to start doing my assignment 2 already. Short sem = less time. O.o Went all the way to Penang Road to get components and breakfast. Same old place for Cendol =P But somehow the Cendol doesn't feel as nice already. Hmmm...

Can't wait for my family to come to Penang again this weekend :D

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