Monday, December 31, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland And Ocean Park

Last post bout hong kong trip. Hehe. Know you guys are getting broed already but the trip is still floating in my mind. Can't forget it so soon yet. Haha.

Ok Disneyland. One of the best place to visit. Many people say HOng Kong disneyland is not nice but for me it's nice. Just got to ride on one ride which was the space shuttle cause not much time actually to ride on many things for one ride takes bout 45 minutes and we wanted to go for 3 shows. Haha. Space shuttle is an indoor roller coaster which travels in the dark at a speed of 120km/h. It is like moving in a train where you can't see directions. It just turns and drop as it likes at a high speed. Wow. Eating in disneyland was crazy. $50 for a plate of chicken rice. Living cost in hong kong is high. Therefore shopping there isn't a good mindset after all. The difference between hong kong and malaysia is that hong kong things are not as cheap as malaysia yet not as expensive as malaysia. Und? Haha. Then we stayed in the evening to watch their christmas parade. First time watching parade live. Haha. Kampung Boy me. Then watch the fireworks show at night. The castle was so beautiful.

The Parade. Not my recording.

Let's go to ocean park the next day. Haha. The second last day of the trip. Sad. But I enjoyed. Food here was more reasonable compared to disneyland. In oceanpark I rid on a rollercoaster with 2 360 loops. you know the loops tat goes 360 degrees. Lolx. Actually I used to have height phobia where I never dare to ride on these rides. But after that experience I had less phobia. Then we went on this ride on this ship that swings you 20m up above land? Haha. This one was scary maybe because of my height I feel like I am gonna fall front therefore I had to hold on tight to the bar. Haha. Then we watch the dolphin show, underwater world, jellyfish aquarium, shark underwater aquarium. It's so fun in hong kong I just don't wanna come back because it's like once in a lifetime travelling with my family to overseas with those tour members and tour guide and tour leader.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hong Kong Again

Let's write more bout me in hong kong before it fades off. Went to macau on the second day of the trip. In macau we didn't do much cause we only visited the casino which was the best place that. Had buffet there then the adults went to the casinos and the kids stayed outside. Haha. Then took a bus to the imigration center to cross the border to china and there we were in china. Spent one night there then the next day we went to the china zoo. So many animals in there. Many animals that cannot be found here in Malaysia was there because of the weather difference. That was the best place in China. The food in china is still in the acceptable level. Haha.

The best time during this holiday in hong kong was the time we spend in hong kong. But sadly there wasn't enough time for shopping so I can't get everyone everything.

Let's go to windows of the world in china. This is the place where the buils the great wonders of the world and scale it down. In scales of 1:3 - 1:8. This means they build the same buildings with the same materials of every country's great wonders but scaling in down. They have the taj mahal, the japan thai and insian buildings. ALL built so real. I see the egypt land, the ancient buildings. There was even eiffel tower there where they build it to a scale of 1:3. Then we went to ICEWORLD hwere we experience winter indoors. It was super cold in there where my hands are just too numb to take photos and cold air comes out from my mouth when I speak. It was a great experience.

Will be talking buot disneyland and ocean park hong kong some other time. That's the best of the trip. Overall the WHOLE trip was inddeed very memorable.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back From Hong Kong

Yeaps back from hong kong 2 days ago. Actually I don't know what to start with. It's just way too much to talk bout it and it's jsut so much fun there I don't wanna come back to Malaysia. Haha. Basically everything WAS GREAT only one things was bad which is the air environemtn there. EVerywhere you go you can smell smoke even inside the hotel lobby. Weather there wasn't cold. Just fine. I went to 3 countries which is hong kong, macau and china. These 3 countries are connected and it's easy to travel by just crossing the border. Altogether I stay in 5 hotels. 2 in hong kong and 3 in china. Sis not spend a night in Macau. Briefly just to say that it is just a superb trip. Wanna talk bout everyday what I do but it will be way too long of a story to share but I will. Not now. Hehe. Didn't have enough time for shopping there casue the whole day was packed with touring here and there. So i didn't get to buy souveniors for everyone. Sorry. Haha

Let's start with the first day. Arrived in hong kong airport bout 11 then we went to the tallest sitted buddha statue where we sat on the bus and to my surprise the roads up the hill was like a rollercoaster track and the bus driver is so pro. It's jsut scary to look outside. It's really like a rollercoaster. Our tour guide was a fun guy and so is the tour leader. Both jokers. Haha. Then at night I went to the wax museum the air there was cooling very very cooling. Took lots of photos with many actors and actrsees and some namely people. You can check them out in my friendster photos Compared to the china tour guide he was like teaching history of china throughout the time in the bus from destination to destination. China has the tallest telephone line tower and it is building the world's tallest rollercoaster at a height of 72 meters. wahlao. I will never ride on that coaster. 72 meters down. Think of it also sweat d.

I can't remember ALL the places I've visited casue it's way too much. But I visited DR.Sun Yer Sen's house. The founder of china.

It's just too much I don't know what to start with. Let me think. Haha. If u see me face to face I can tell you everything in a day. Haha.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Will be going down to Penang on Sunday and flying to HK on tuesday. Yeah. Can't wait to go HK. Can't wait to get on the plane for the first time. Aikz. Hehe. Gonna shop madly in Hk for many things. Haha.

My Current Favourite Videos From the TVB Series Heart Of Greed

everyone should watch this TVB series.. It's very nice

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Band Camp Is Over

Yo, band camp is over but hong kong trip is coming very soon. Band camp this time was very fun although is was actually bored but it actually came out fun. More than expected. This time the exco's bonded quite well in doing stuffs and planning even having meetings till 3am. The last night was the best. BBQ night. It's so fun to bond with the old seniors and the juniors. To see the smile on their faces was the best thing the exco's could achieve. Celebrated Sashi's birthday during camp since he can't celebrate it with his family on his birthday so I planned one section party for him. A small one but at least he enjoyed. I am glad that I can see all the smiling faces around me. ALL the effort poured in was worth while. None of thsoe efforts were wasted. Thnx to all excos and committees for making this camp and bbq farewell party a success. MMB rawkx

Next up will be going to HK. This weekend will be going to penang staying overnight for 2 nights before flying to HK. I am gonna miss my friends and my juniros but I will get each one something IF I can afford. Haha. Must get for the priority ones first :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Ok lets start off with this new compputer of mine. Dell Inspiron 530s. Well, this is what I've been waiting for, a brand new computer after 2 years of using pentium 4 now I am switching to Pentium E Dual-Core.

LTC was last week. Initially I thought it would be a boring camp but actually it turned out the way I did not expect it to. It was quite fun actually. I get to know more people and it's definately fun listening to one of the speakers Martin Jalleh where he shared his lifetime experiences with us which most of them were funny experiences he had. During games, my family actually get through TUG OF WAR. Haha. I didn't expect our family to have to much physical strenght to pull that rope all the way to the price hamper. l0lx. One night one group of use went into a room to share ghost stories. What terrified me was the stories and experiences they had in our own school SMI. Others was still ok to me. The Last night was the best. No sleep. Played football with friends at bout 4 something in the morning and then went to bath at bout 5 something. Then we went down to the beach during pitch dark but we enjoyed the sea breeze and sound of waves.LTC was indeed fun actually. I've looked down on it. My bad.

It has been a long time since I went for badminton and so I did yesterday with choon keat, kwok sing and my brother. On the way walking towards our court we saw yanhoe and his friends can be said my friends also cause I know them. SOme of them are my band's ex-seniors. Badminton was fun. Then this morning I went for swimming. The last time I swam was like 1 or 2 years ago. So I swam all I want and when I reached home my muscles started to ache. Ouch!. It aches till now every part of my body. It is also hard for me to sit down. Haha.

Thsi friday gonna go for band camp again till sunday. Sunday will be our FAREWELL night for all seniors. ALL seniors of MMB are invited to come. Hope to see back all my seniors.