Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Band Camp Is Over

Yo, band camp is over but hong kong trip is coming very soon. Band camp this time was very fun although is was actually bored but it actually came out fun. More than expected. This time the exco's bonded quite well in doing stuffs and planning even having meetings till 3am. The last night was the best. BBQ night. It's so fun to bond with the old seniors and the juniors. To see the smile on their faces was the best thing the exco's could achieve. Celebrated Sashi's birthday during camp since he can't celebrate it with his family on his birthday so I planned one section party for him. A small one but at least he enjoyed. I am glad that I can see all the smiling faces around me. ALL the effort poured in was worth while. None of thsoe efforts were wasted. Thnx to all excos and committees for making this camp and bbq farewell party a success. MMB rawkx

Next up will be going to HK. This weekend will be going to penang staying overnight for 2 nights before flying to HK. I am gonna miss my friends and my juniros but I will get each one something IF I can afford. Haha. Must get for the priority ones first :)

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