Thursday, December 06, 2007


Ok lets start off with this new compputer of mine. Dell Inspiron 530s. Well, this is what I've been waiting for, a brand new computer after 2 years of using pentium 4 now I am switching to Pentium E Dual-Core.

LTC was last week. Initially I thought it would be a boring camp but actually it turned out the way I did not expect it to. It was quite fun actually. I get to know more people and it's definately fun listening to one of the speakers Martin Jalleh where he shared his lifetime experiences with us which most of them were funny experiences he had. During games, my family actually get through TUG OF WAR. Haha. I didn't expect our family to have to much physical strenght to pull that rope all the way to the price hamper. l0lx. One night one group of use went into a room to share ghost stories. What terrified me was the stories and experiences they had in our own school SMI. Others was still ok to me. The Last night was the best. No sleep. Played football with friends at bout 4 something in the morning and then went to bath at bout 5 something. Then we went down to the beach during pitch dark but we enjoyed the sea breeze and sound of waves.LTC was indeed fun actually. I've looked down on it. My bad.

It has been a long time since I went for badminton and so I did yesterday with choon keat, kwok sing and my brother. On the way walking towards our court we saw yanhoe and his friends can be said my friends also cause I know them. SOme of them are my band's ex-seniors. Badminton was fun. Then this morning I went for swimming. The last time I swam was like 1 or 2 years ago. So I swam all I want and when I reached home my muscles started to ache. Ouch!. It aches till now every part of my body. It is also hard for me to sit down. Haha.

Thsi friday gonna go for band camp again till sunday. Sunday will be our FAREWELL night for all seniors. ALL seniors of MMB are invited to come. Hope to see back all my seniors.

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