Saturday, September 27, 2008

Over It Is...

Trials are over finally, yesterday at 10.45am. After trials the time moved so fast. It was so relaxing not to think bout studies for a while. But then I thought back, I did a very big and regretting mistake. I read one question wrongly. A question that I was waiting for, I read the question wrongly and lost 8 marks. I felt so bad that I kept thinking bout it again and again. how could I forgive myself to lose 8 marks just like that. ARGH~!!! Every mark means something. Every mark determines where I stand. Throughout this exam, mainly science subjects, many questions leaked out and tips have been flowing every where around the air. SMSes have been sent out. It all came out the same. I've been receiving a lot too but after looking at the tips, I did not want to do anything bout it. For this trials, it's a time for me to test my capability. It's time to see where I actually stand. Tips may come in for all exams but never for SPM. If I fail, I fail with an open heart. If I score by studying what's given in those tips, I won't feel good cause that's not where I really stand. After studying three weeks of burning the midnight oil and growing more and more pimples, I really want to test myself. Looking at my friends studying everything given in the tips, I felt that I was very stupid not to follow the tips which could cause me to drop right down. But what if I study the tips and I scored and in SPM I don't know a thing? What if I forget everything in a month's time? I was stressed bout that whether will I drop much if I compete with those who read the tips and I put in a lot for physics and 2 days before the exam all the tips flew out. I worked on it for the past 3 weeks and others just have to spend 2 days to obtain the same or better results as me? Am I stupid to ignore all the leaked out questions? I could just get what I want for all science subjects if I just follow the tips. I got biology and chemistry tips almost a week before the exams and I deleted them? Ignoring them? MAN, Andy~!!

Relax I should, I want a new phone, I want to listen to songs again wherever I go. I can't stand my black and white phone after a month. Haha.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One More To Go

YES~! The final paper is tomorrow from 7.45 – 10.15am Add Maths paper 2. Ok, here’s the plan. After exam go hang around the school, go for recess, chat with friends then go to jusco for movies. Still finding for a nice movie to watch. Any comedies these days? Actually thought of watching “Money No Enough II” thinking that it is a nice Singapore comedy BUT after watching the DVD, it’s not a comedy. It’s is a very emotional show. Luckily I watched it before watching it in the cinema. My plan was to watch something funny after trials to release stress. Haha.

Speaking bout that movie, I was so touched with that movie. It teaches us to honour our parents. Everyone should watch that movie. Very advisable especially to teenagers. SPM students, trials are gonna be over tomorrow, go and grab that DVD and watch it with your family or download from the internet(If there is). It’s a very good show. Lessons to be learn. If after you watch, you feel it’s boring, then sorry I can’t help you. Haha. For me that show is really nice. I think it’s a 2 hours ++ show. TRUST ME, it’s worth watching. No regrets. I LOVE MY MUM~! <3

My best buddy will be back this Thursday. My partner in crime. What crime? Errr…. I don’t know but I seem to enjoy lots of my time with him. Not to sound gay but he is the only one I can hang out with and talk my personal things to. I don’t share my personal problems with my brother or my family but I share with him and he shares with me. The most I share with my brother are my studies. Personal relationships and stuffs, to my BUDDY. His name? Hehe, let you guess. Don’t wanna let you all find him and threaten him to tell you all my secrets. Haha. Just KIDDING. He will be back and I am sure I will have another few enjoyable moments this few days. WOW~!!

Before I forget, hehe, anyone who needs advise on phones both AP and ORI you can come to me. IF you are curious bout the difference on AP and ORI phones or you want to know a phone price but you do not have the time to go out and look for it, you can come to me, I will help you. Yeah, I will, seriously. Hehe.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Second Week Of Trials

This week is the relaxing week of trials. Time to push for what I aim for (PHYSICS & ADD MATHS). Yesterday was EST paper 1 and tomorrow will be the paper 2. What I don't like is that the exam starts at 7.45am and ends at 8.45am and we are to stay in school until 12pm. Isn't that a waste of time? Study in school? Cannot le cause when I see my friends talking I will hop in and listen especially to the group of friends who talks topics of my interest. I can't resist the temptation. Haha.

Last saturday night I practiced my add-maths(Differentiation) aka my weakest chapter. My brother was here that time. So I took this opportunity to stay up late so whenever I have problems I can ask him. Differentiation for him is like eating peanuts as he studies engineering. First derivatives are easy but when it goes to maximum and minimum point and rates of change I got stucked. But now I am free again after staying up late again yesterday night having my brother who studies engineering and my brother's friend who studies calculus helping me. Everything is solved. Haha. Now I know wo to go to whenever I have differentiation and integration problems. My weakest chapters are now no longer at fear. YEAH~!!!

Next week will be the last week of trials and then one week of raya holidays AND THEN I shall start my countdown of 30 days to SPM. 11/11/2008 - 27/11/2008. Every science subjects day we are to stay back till 4.30pm? Wahlao... Nevermind. We have 1 hour++ lunch time. SO, go home take a bath then go back la. Haha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Week Of Trials

This week of trials meaning the first week is actually the heaviest week for me. Every test and every exam, the first week is always the longest and most tiring week. Why? Because all the essays drop on the first week especially Bm and ENGLISH papers. Finished all language, moral history and maths papers this week. I am still confident. Haha. Not to be proud, but this exam is easier than school's mid-term exam. That's what everyone says also. Well, wait till the third week of trials and that's when I will suffer. Physics and add-maths. These are the two papers I am aiming for this time. I wanna score these two papers in a shot. That's my aim for trials~!!

This computer got attacked by trojans again for the second or third time this year? Haha. Can't remember it. So gotta reformat it in the middle of my exams. SIgh~ But luckily it was maths paper on the next day. Speaking bout maths now, since primary, my weakness in maths was always the 'careless mistakes'. I don't hope to lose marks for careless mistakes. Thinking back, when I do exercises at home, almost every question I do careless mistakes. Thinking bout my Paper 2 makes me worried. Haha. But anyway, it's over. Do your best and God will do the rsst.

O.o.... Today is Wernie's birthday. In case you all don't know who is she, she is a loyal reader in my blog. There you can see her name on the chatbox trying to get me to get her a present. Haha. So everyone, go on, wish her. I will get you one. No worries. It's a just a matter of when, what, and how. Haha. Anywayz, Happy Birthday to Wernie.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Posts Errors

I thought back and read back my older posts. I found out that every single post has grammar errors in it. Haha. I am used to typing without looking at the monitor. Just the keyboard. So I somehow miss all my grammars. Haha. From now on, I've gotta type more carefully to prevent grammatical errors. I am weak in using bombastic ENGLISH words. Haha, I remember once when I always use BIG words for my posts but now it seems like I am lacking of words to use. Gotta improve myself. Chaozz...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Week.... No Stress...

This week has been the week i study most in my life in form 4 and 5. I studied most this week. Haha. did not go to school on tuesday and thursday. Went on wednesday and today but there is nothing much to do except for revising in school with friends. I guess this time I am ready for both my maths and physics. That's if I don't forget anything when the paper comes on the last week. Good thing tuition is doing a lot of revision. A paper a day keeps the memory in play. Haha. Many form 5s now are aiming like above 60 for all subjects so that they can have high hopes on As for SPM as SPM's marking scheme is surely lower than trials and the papers are easier. For me. it's different~! I aim differently. Haha. I will write it down here if my plan succeeds.

I still remember during my PMR year, I started to study my history from the beginning only in mid August during the holidays. I scored only 1A for PMR trials and 6 for PMR. Haha. Throughout that year I only spent my time studying from mid Qugust until the first week of october. Now? Haha. We will see what comes out. Normally when people say they do not study but you know they do, THEY LIE~!!! When Andy says he did not study, HE DOESN'T~!!! Haha, you can always ask my mum what I do at home. Eat, Sleep, Watch tv or videos online and ONLINE. That's all I've been doing for the past 8 months. Some guy said I enjoy life. Yea, I do!