Saturday, September 27, 2008

Over It Is...

Trials are over finally, yesterday at 10.45am. After trials the time moved so fast. It was so relaxing not to think bout studies for a while. But then I thought back, I did a very big and regretting mistake. I read one question wrongly. A question that I was waiting for, I read the question wrongly and lost 8 marks. I felt so bad that I kept thinking bout it again and again. how could I forgive myself to lose 8 marks just like that. ARGH~!!! Every mark means something. Every mark determines where I stand. Throughout this exam, mainly science subjects, many questions leaked out and tips have been flowing every where around the air. SMSes have been sent out. It all came out the same. I've been receiving a lot too but after looking at the tips, I did not want to do anything bout it. For this trials, it's a time for me to test my capability. It's time to see where I actually stand. Tips may come in for all exams but never for SPM. If I fail, I fail with an open heart. If I score by studying what's given in those tips, I won't feel good cause that's not where I really stand. After studying three weeks of burning the midnight oil and growing more and more pimples, I really want to test myself. Looking at my friends studying everything given in the tips, I felt that I was very stupid not to follow the tips which could cause me to drop right down. But what if I study the tips and I scored and in SPM I don't know a thing? What if I forget everything in a month's time? I was stressed bout that whether will I drop much if I compete with those who read the tips and I put in a lot for physics and 2 days before the exam all the tips flew out. I worked on it for the past 3 weeks and others just have to spend 2 days to obtain the same or better results as me? Am I stupid to ignore all the leaked out questions? I could just get what I want for all science subjects if I just follow the tips. I got biology and chemistry tips almost a week before the exams and I deleted them? Ignoring them? MAN, Andy~!!

Relax I should, I want a new phone, I want to listen to songs again wherever I go. I can't stand my black and white phone after a month. Haha.

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