Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Week Of Trials

This week of trials meaning the first week is actually the heaviest week for me. Every test and every exam, the first week is always the longest and most tiring week. Why? Because all the essays drop on the first week especially Bm and ENGLISH papers. Finished all language, moral history and maths papers this week. I am still confident. Haha. Not to be proud, but this exam is easier than school's mid-term exam. That's what everyone says also. Well, wait till the third week of trials and that's when I will suffer. Physics and add-maths. These are the two papers I am aiming for this time. I wanna score these two papers in a shot. That's my aim for trials~!!

This computer got attacked by trojans again for the second or third time this year? Haha. Can't remember it. So gotta reformat it in the middle of my exams. SIgh~ But luckily it was maths paper on the next day. Speaking bout maths now, since primary, my weakness in maths was always the 'careless mistakes'. I don't hope to lose marks for careless mistakes. Thinking back, when I do exercises at home, almost every question I do careless mistakes. Thinking bout my Paper 2 makes me worried. Haha. But anyway, it's over. Do your best and God will do the rsst.

O.o.... Today is Wernie's birthday. In case you all don't know who is she, she is a loyal reader in my blog. There you can see her name on the chatbox trying to get me to get her a present. Haha. So everyone, go on, wish her. I will get you one. No worries. It's a just a matter of when, what, and how. Haha. Anywayz, Happy Birthday to Wernie.

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