Thursday, September 25, 2008

One More To Go

YES~! The final paper is tomorrow from 7.45 – 10.15am Add Maths paper 2. Ok, here’s the plan. After exam go hang around the school, go for recess, chat with friends then go to jusco for movies. Still finding for a nice movie to watch. Any comedies these days? Actually thought of watching “Money No Enough II” thinking that it is a nice Singapore comedy BUT after watching the DVD, it’s not a comedy. It’s is a very emotional show. Luckily I watched it before watching it in the cinema. My plan was to watch something funny after trials to release stress. Haha.

Speaking bout that movie, I was so touched with that movie. It teaches us to honour our parents. Everyone should watch that movie. Very advisable especially to teenagers. SPM students, trials are gonna be over tomorrow, go and grab that DVD and watch it with your family or download from the internet(If there is). It’s a very good show. Lessons to be learn. If after you watch, you feel it’s boring, then sorry I can’t help you. Haha. For me that show is really nice. I think it’s a 2 hours ++ show. TRUST ME, it’s worth watching. No regrets. I LOVE MY MUM~! <3

My best buddy will be back this Thursday. My partner in crime. What crime? Errr…. I don’t know but I seem to enjoy lots of my time with him. Not to sound gay but he is the only one I can hang out with and talk my personal things to. I don’t share my personal problems with my brother or my family but I share with him and he shares with me. The most I share with my brother are my studies. Personal relationships and stuffs, to my BUDDY. His name? Hehe, let you guess. Don’t wanna let you all find him and threaten him to tell you all my secrets. Haha. Just KIDDING. He will be back and I am sure I will have another few enjoyable moments this few days. WOW~!!

Before I forget, hehe, anyone who needs advise on phones both AP and ORI you can come to me. IF you are curious bout the difference on AP and ORI phones or you want to know a phone price but you do not have the time to go out and look for it, you can come to me, I will help you. Yeah, I will, seriously. Hehe.

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