Friday, November 28, 2008

Suppose To Be

today is the last day of SPM. It is suppose to be a very happy day for me. Turned out it's the worse day instead of the happiest day. First thing, I went late for class party. Need to go to another guy's birthday party first then went to MP about 8 o clock. Reached there, eat hand out until 9 something went home. Others? Went CC. Now I am stuck at home bored and rot. Everyone went, except for me. How boring. Final day of SPM cannot even enjoy. Some of my friends are going off soon from Ipoh and I still can't hang out with them. Zzz. My life is great. All I am to do is to stay at home watch tv and play the computer. Going out may turn me into a gangster or some rubbish out there. The best thing is to stay at home eat junk food and hang in front of the tv with my hp. My teenage life is miserable. Or shall I say, I don't even experience teenage life. It's all over, I am growing up leaving teenage life behind. I don't even get to feel teenage life. Life is so unfair to me. *Sigh*

Friday, November 21, 2008

Amazing Filipino Prisoners...

I was feeling very restless today..... there are 2 more subjects to study and I need to rest my mind first before I continue. It is so quiet over here now...this is the best time for me to surf around. Studying is quite stressing especially this is an important exam. But I don't want to complain too much... these videos of the filipino prisoners make me feel that I am so blessed and I am so thankful I am what I am now... Thank God for that. Watch these movies and u will know what I meant.

Canon In D


I Will Follow Him - Sister Act

2 Weeks Out

Just back from chemistry today AND This week was an "exciting" week. ESPECIALLY add maths paper 2 as many SPM candidates said. Add maths paper two was not hard, it's just that the questions are beating round the bush. Not enough time to bring down all the questions. It has been a very challenging time in the battle field this week and now it's over. Enemies down but at the same time, man power down too. l0lx. The hall is so long and I can see people walking out of the hall after 30 minutes. Todays was chemistry and it is ok compared to add maths. Add maths paper 1 was great and everyone was smiling during recess. After paper two, everyone lost their mood to study for moral. l0lx. It has been a hard paper for me too. IT IS HARD. It is harder compared to past years since 2003 until now, this year's paper 2 is the hardest. Too confusing and takes too much time to think. Give me an extra hour then I can bring them down too. Haha. Too bad 2 and a half hours are not enough T_T
After today, there will be 3 more subjects next week and my study table is getting emptier. I shift all the passed subjects to the back table. Haha. Next up is biology, another great enemy of mine. Memorizing? Never my ability. Anyhow, I wills till try to stuff as much as I can into my brains cause there are extra memory in my brains now after forgetting history, moral, add maths and chemistry.
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Slow And Steady...

Hey all, I am back after 3 days in the battle hall trying to survive 4 sets of SPM papers namely BM, BI, SEJ, M.Maths. And you know what? I am still alive and moving. Haha. How did it felt. If you wanna know, I actually felt very much relieved now compared to the days before the history papers. The first two days was so tiring. We have to stay in school for more than 8 hours and sitting for exams about 6 hours in total. That is worse than working especially when it's so hot in there. My class is the first class, the first row sitting by the window. Everytime after lunch it feels extremely hot. Luckily that two days' weather was fine, cloudy and rainy. At least that helps to cool down the temperature of the surroundings. Haha. It feels hotter when you are doing your exams. l0lx.

How were the papers? The papers were fine.Before the exams, I worry most about my history. So worried that I don't even dare to watch tv and read other stuffs other than hsitory worrying that I will forget what I read. Eventually, history was fine. I can say that's the best in 2 years od history. l0lx. But now onwards, never in my life I am going to touch history. History is not History.
I am just worried bout my english now. Somehow I feel that my grammar is getting worse. I used to include bombastic words in my essay but this time, I couldn't fine any words to slot in into my essay. I am afriad that I won't be able to score 1119. Another I am worried about is my handwriting. Haha. I was running out of time for the novel. I was writing neatly at first but towards the end it got worse.

Add maths and moral is coming up. Gotta push myself more in add maths and memorize the moral definitions. Thanks to all who supported me and prayed for me. It really did help. Thanks :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

SPM???COMING in 3 Days???

WOO... SPM is coming. #days to go. 3 days to go for me to finish up my history. Oh well, memorizing is hard for me. It takes me forever to memorize something. Unless you put them in form of a story. Haha. But I've got no choice but to force myself to swallow all those history. I can't but I must somehow.

Actually I am tensed up by the first two days with the language subjects and the history papers in between. Third day is ok sitting for mod. maths. Then after that everything will be ok for me. Not so stress after the first two days. So, hopefully the first two days pass faster. Haha, I don't like writing BM essays, it's fine to think of the points but it's hard to put it in malay. Haha, that's why when I write a BM essay, I think of it in english and then translate it to malay. Haha. But this time, I've gotta slot in more proverbs.

Well well, won't be posting much. I am not making myself think of other things even reading jokes from the internet so that I won't forget my history. Haha, when new things come in, the old goes away. So ya, Take care all, pray hard for me. Thank You~!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One Week To Go

Look at the timer up there, it's one more week to SPM 2008. First two papers will be BM and History. The hardest paper, History. Have been pushing myself with history these few days but I seem to forget bit by bit every time I stop reading. I really can't remember things. I have to read it over and over for a lot of times before it stays in my brains. I remember studying all the form 4 history before but I seemed to forgot all of it already. Now I have to spend this one whole week, one stretch of 7 days from today until SPM to remember my history "kaw kaw". After my History paper, I am sure I will be forgetting everything. This proves how bad I am in memorizing. The same goes for Moral. *Sigh*. Yesterday I went to one website. It says that biology takes 75% of memorization and 25% of understanding while physics takes 75% of understanding and 25% of memorization. Well, now I know why I am better in physics than in biology. (=.=) Chemistry was off with 50% memorization and 50% understanding, so my chemsitry is at average level.

I miss my tuitions. Actually the tuition I miss most is my add-maths tuition. Haha. Because in that tuition, I have a fun teacher. Tuitions will not be the only thing I miss, but in fact I will be missing school too. For the first time in my life, I am missing school. I miss my class and my classmates. 4sc1/5sc1 has a variety of students. The chinese jokers at the side, the english jokers at the back, the mamak in the middle, and the rest who joins in the fun. Haha. One thing bout my class is that, we get every teacher pissed off but we had fun throughout the year. We have 98% of fun and 2% of seriousness. Being in sc1 for these two years is not a regret. No regrets joining this class, in fact, it was a great pleasure to be in this class.