Friday, November 21, 2008

2 Weeks Out

Just back from chemistry today AND This week was an "exciting" week. ESPECIALLY add maths paper 2 as many SPM candidates said. Add maths paper two was not hard, it's just that the questions are beating round the bush. Not enough time to bring down all the questions. It has been a very challenging time in the battle field this week and now it's over. Enemies down but at the same time, man power down too. l0lx. The hall is so long and I can see people walking out of the hall after 30 minutes. Todays was chemistry and it is ok compared to add maths. Add maths paper 1 was great and everyone was smiling during recess. After paper two, everyone lost their mood to study for moral. l0lx. It has been a hard paper for me too. IT IS HARD. It is harder compared to past years since 2003 until now, this year's paper 2 is the hardest. Too confusing and takes too much time to think. Give me an extra hour then I can bring them down too. Haha. Too bad 2 and a half hours are not enough T_T
After today, there will be 3 more subjects next week and my study table is getting emptier. I shift all the passed subjects to the back table. Haha. Next up is biology, another great enemy of mine. Memorizing? Never my ability. Anyhow, I wills till try to stuff as much as I can into my brains cause there are extra memory in my brains now after forgetting history, moral, add maths and chemistry.
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