Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One Week To Go

Look at the timer up there, it's one more week to SPM 2008. First two papers will be BM and History. The hardest paper, History. Have been pushing myself with history these few days but I seem to forget bit by bit every time I stop reading. I really can't remember things. I have to read it over and over for a lot of times before it stays in my brains. I remember studying all the form 4 history before but I seemed to forgot all of it already. Now I have to spend this one whole week, one stretch of 7 days from today until SPM to remember my history "kaw kaw". After my History paper, I am sure I will be forgetting everything. This proves how bad I am in memorizing. The same goes for Moral. *Sigh*. Yesterday I went to one website. It says that biology takes 75% of memorization and 25% of understanding while physics takes 75% of understanding and 25% of memorization. Well, now I know why I am better in physics than in biology. (=.=) Chemistry was off with 50% memorization and 50% understanding, so my chemsitry is at average level.

I miss my tuitions. Actually the tuition I miss most is my add-maths tuition. Haha. Because in that tuition, I have a fun teacher. Tuitions will not be the only thing I miss, but in fact I will be missing school too. For the first time in my life, I am missing school. I miss my class and my classmates. 4sc1/5sc1 has a variety of students. The chinese jokers at the side, the english jokers at the back, the mamak in the middle, and the rest who joins in the fun. Haha. One thing bout my class is that, we get every teacher pissed off but we had fun throughout the year. We have 98% of fun and 2% of seriousness. Being in sc1 for these two years is not a regret. No regrets joining this class, in fact, it was a great pleasure to be in this class.

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