Friday, November 14, 2008

Slow And Steady...

Hey all, I am back after 3 days in the battle hall trying to survive 4 sets of SPM papers namely BM, BI, SEJ, M.Maths. And you know what? I am still alive and moving. Haha. How did it felt. If you wanna know, I actually felt very much relieved now compared to the days before the history papers. The first two days was so tiring. We have to stay in school for more than 8 hours and sitting for exams about 6 hours in total. That is worse than working especially when it's so hot in there. My class is the first class, the first row sitting by the window. Everytime after lunch it feels extremely hot. Luckily that two days' weather was fine, cloudy and rainy. At least that helps to cool down the temperature of the surroundings. Haha. It feels hotter when you are doing your exams. l0lx.

How were the papers? The papers were fine.Before the exams, I worry most about my history. So worried that I don't even dare to watch tv and read other stuffs other than hsitory worrying that I will forget what I read. Eventually, history was fine. I can say that's the best in 2 years od history. l0lx. But now onwards, never in my life I am going to touch history. History is not History.
I am just worried bout my english now. Somehow I feel that my grammar is getting worse. I used to include bombastic words in my essay but this time, I couldn't fine any words to slot in into my essay. I am afriad that I won't be able to score 1119. Another I am worried about is my handwriting. Haha. I was running out of time for the novel. I was writing neatly at first but towards the end it got worse.

Add maths and moral is coming up. Gotta push myself more in add maths and memorize the moral definitions. Thanks to all who supported me and prayed for me. It really did help. Thanks :)

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