Sunday, November 09, 2008

SPM???COMING in 3 Days???

WOO... SPM is coming. #days to go. 3 days to go for me to finish up my history. Oh well, memorizing is hard for me. It takes me forever to memorize something. Unless you put them in form of a story. Haha. But I've got no choice but to force myself to swallow all those history. I can't but I must somehow.

Actually I am tensed up by the first two days with the language subjects and the history papers in between. Third day is ok sitting for mod. maths. Then after that everything will be ok for me. Not so stress after the first two days. So, hopefully the first two days pass faster. Haha, I don't like writing BM essays, it's fine to think of the points but it's hard to put it in malay. Haha, that's why when I write a BM essay, I think of it in english and then translate it to malay. Haha. But this time, I've gotta slot in more proverbs.

Well well, won't be posting much. I am not making myself think of other things even reading jokes from the internet so that I won't forget my history. Haha, when new things come in, the old goes away. So ya, Take care all, pray hard for me. Thank You~!!

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