Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deprived Of Sleep

I finished my Assignment 1 yesterday. 2 more to go. For my EEE subject only. Other assignments for other subjects haven't been distributed yet. Yesterday has been a tiring night. Went to college around 8pm with my friends to continue my report for my Assignment 1. Assignment 1 is all about report only. Report about research on circuit designs for a Volume Unit Meter. I started doing already but yesterday was the last day to complete everything up. So went there started doing and doing and doing and searching for informations all over the net. Did until 11 something, texted Chun Hao and asked for his help. Thank you man, for helping me out even in drunk mode. Haha..

After doing for some time around 12++am, we went for supper. Some went for Mcd and as for me I went for Nasi Kandar!! Good old Malaysian Food =) Best supper food is mamak food. Haha.After eating we went to Mcd to meet up with the others. We wanted to continue our assignment there but there was no power plug for us to connect out laptop charger, so ended up few of us went back to hostel.
Upon reaching at 2am, I went back to my room, sat down and continued my report. Sorry Navin, for causing you not able to sleep. Haha. Did the report until around 5.30, everything was completed, double check and cleaned up the report. Went to sleep at 6 and woke up at 7 again to finish up a few more words for my conclusion and to print the report. Thanks to Gabriel for his printer ink. Hehe.

Assignment passed up this morning. Exactly 10 Pages including Appendix. Everyone in class looked like dead zombies. Asked many of them, all said that they did not sleep the whole night. After class I went for lunch and then I slept from around 2 - 6 but still, it's not enough for me. I gotta sleep more. Gonna go after this post. Haha.

So, alright, Got to go to bed.. Goodnight everyonezz...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CNY To Come

I can't wait for Chinese New Year to come. I can't wait to go back to Ipoh again( 12 Feb) and meet everyone I wanna meet. =D Although this year, I won't be celebrating Chinese New Year, I still wanna go for reunion dinners =P I wanna go to my aunty's house and eat those dishes. Everytime I think of it I can remember my favourite soup. *Drollss* I wanna go eat those food now!!! >.< style="text-align: center;">
May this cute little Tiger bring prosperity to all of you.. Reminding me bout Double Prosperity Burger now =.=

I can't stand the desperation of having nice food thus I went for steamboat buffet with my friends again yesterday night. Haha. Went for steamboat with Gabriel and King Foong. We ate for 2 hours, was full enough but I forgot how much I ate and whether I ate enough but I know I was full. Haha. From now on, no more steamboat from that restaurant. Next buffet outing will be held in a western restaurant. LOL. We didn't know the price went up, it has gone from the cheapest to the expensive level, not the most expensive, but just expensive but still, the food there is NICE and lots of choices available as always. Dim sum, satay, fried crabs. Whoo~~~ Starting to feel that the food there are tasteless :-S

Monday, January 18, 2010

Penang With Family '10

Hello EVERYBODY. How's everyone doing? Hope you guys are still round and fine. LOL. It has been long since I last updated. Cause recently don't have anything to update and wasn't in the mood for blogging also for the past week. Well, I'm back with more blogging and updates. =) GET READY, IT'S GONNA BE A LONG ONE~~~

Last Saturday my family came to Penang to visit me. My Mum, Bro, Sis and Gabriel. They came to Penang for a 2 Days 1 Night trip. They reached here around 11 in the morning, I was up and ready to go out with them =) As usual, the first thing we gotta do and usually do is FOOD HUNTING =P. We always think bout food when we are in Penang. So it was almost lunch time but not lunch time, too late for breakfast too, we call it BRUNCH. Everyone knows it right? =.="

Ok, we went to someplace called, _ _ _ Road for breakfast. Sorry cause I forgot the name of that location. I have bad memories. *Tsk Tsk* Breakfast was "Simple". % of us ordered and FINISHED up 3 bowls of laksa, 2 bowls Kuey Teow soup, 2 bowls of curry mee, 1 plate of fried oyster, 2 Popiahs and that's all excluding the drinks. Haha, my sister don't eat much and so does my mum. So most of the food is Wallop-ed by my bro and I and the most by Gabriel!! Hahahaha~!! We always order a lot when he is here cause if we can't finish, he can finish them for us. Haha. Can taste and no waste =P

After breakfast we went to Gurney Plaza to hang out. My mum asked me to choose something as my birthday present =O. The first thing that came into my mind "Electronics" and my mind started to list up Iphone, Ipod touch, HTC Diamond, Nokia and a little bit of Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Haha. But then, I didn't get any of them :( Every single one of them are expensive :( So, no birthday present this year :'(

After hanging out and walking up the down the mall, we went for our tea break =P Makan time again. And this time it's Gabriel's treat =P Wakakaka~!!! First place suggested - Chillies, went there but no more place to sit at the Non-smoker's area, so too bad. Then I suggested Swensens =P Everyone agreed and off we went. There, we didn't order much but enough to fill up all our stomach except for my sister's whom has a stomach which is "Always" full =.=" I forgot the name of all the food we ordered, again, bad memory. Haha. But the food are real nice. Thanks to Gabriel for his treat =) Hey Gab, next round again yea?? MUAHAHAHAHA~!!!!

There is one more Macaroni and Cheese but I don't have that photo with me. Oh yea, all these photos are taken by Mr. Photographer Gabriel. Kekeke...

***Sweet Sweet Sweet Foods***

That wasn't the end, we went back to our hotel after that and after some time my mum came back from her "date" Hahaha!!! and she brought back 10 pancakes( Tai Kau Min in canto..) 10 types all different flavours. I don't think we have that in Ipoh. Here, they have those with banana inside, ham, pork floss, tuna, cheese, chocolate and much more. Yeaz!! It's only an appetizer. Right after eating, we went for dinner already at Batu Feringghi. =.=
After makan, my mum went for "dating" again and the 4 of us went driving around Penang. =,= We weren't able to get lost cause in Penang, as long as you do not go towards the Ferry, you will not get lost. Haha. We went back after our driving round and when my mum came back, WOOP! It's supper time. 1 Ton of mee for everyone =D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bye Bye Grandpa

Last Friday I went back to Ipoh planning to celebrate my birthday. Upon arriving, my mum told me that my Grandpa entered ICU. I was like HUH?!?! How could it be? My mum told me that we will visit him later in the evening after work. So I went home, took my shower and went online. As soon as I started to online, my mum called me and told me that MY GRANDPA HAS PASSED AWAY!!! I didn't know what to say. I felt everything was so sudden. A night before he was on the phone with me and telling me that he is feeling better and he could laugh on the phone. 6 hours later, at 12am he was admitted to the hospital. What?!?! It's just too sudden for me.

During the past few days, My family and I attended the funeral ceremony. I did not celebrate my birthday this year. Even if I was given the chance , I wouldn't have the mood to do so. It's the first time I seen him being so ill. I am not used to it at all. He used to be very strong.

This few days, I felt very stunned. Everything happened too sudden. I did not even have the chance to see him for the last time before he left us. Didn't even have the chance to listen to his voice before he went off. I feel so sad thinking bout it. I miss my Grandpa. He has been very close to us. He loves us very much, he cares bout us very much. I can recall some of the things he love to see most in us. I will try to accomplish what he wants. I can still recall his angry faces and happy faces. But I am not used to it when I see him resting.

I miss my Grandpa very much. Everything seemed so different without him here. He is like the pull for our family and relatives to stay together.

I will always miss him. I will never forget the things he taught me and the love he gave to me. T_T

R.I.P Grandpa. May God bless you at His house.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ipoh Tomorrow

I'll be going back to Ipoh tomorrow after my first week of classes here. First week here was OKAY and quite RELAXING cause it's only the beginning of lessons. The semester study plan has changed. I no longer have 14 study weeks, it has now been extended to 17 weeks instead, and the same goes to my short sem, it has been extended. Short sem is no more "short". Haha. Well, it's OKAY for me. Less stress, better aim, better outcome. Wanna aim for something good this sem after a dramatic drop during my pass sem. U_U

Will be going back tomorrow to celebrate my 19th Birthday =D. I am growing !!! OLDER!!! I passed 18 years of life and I am entering the 19th one. Wakaka~~ But still, I ain't as mature as how my age states me to be. *Tsk Tsk*. Why be mature? =P

BTW, the internet line here is stable and smooth now. Never experienced this type of connection during the past 2 semesters. My row of neighbours are no longer smokers!!! YES!!! Lotsa freshies here though. Haha. I AM A SENIOR!!!

Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 yesterday with my friends. Don't really find that show interesting =.= We had 2 free "Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs" umbrella. I remembered last time when we went for Ice Age 3, we had to pay for these umbrellas and now they are giving out for free with every purchase of 2 regular combo. We had 4 combos so we got ourselves 2 umbrellas =D

Friday, January 01, 2010


My first post for the year. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. May all of you have a wonderful year ahead, with 364 days to go before we go to another year. Let's start off with the first day today. =D

I had a great countdown yesterday. Every year was the same, countdown with my family in the room watching tv while online, but yesterday night was different. I had a countdown with Her, but of course she wasn't in my house, Haha. We we connected together during New Year's eve yesterday and celebrated this Wonderful Beginning of this year via webcam (Video Call). It may seem bit noob, but it was a very special thing to do. At least we get to talk and look at each another face to face. So near yet so far. And it was something special and uncommon too. People normally go for parties to celebrate the New Year's countdown but instead we stayed connected via MSN =) It was nice really. I had a great night chatting and video calling with Her.

This morning, I woke up at around 11am and my family and I went to town for lunch. Chicken Rice. PAK KONG CHICKEN RICE (Next to Rasa Sayang). O0ops, I was too hungry to snap any pics. Haha. Go there yourself and try it, it's nice especially when you're hungry =D. Then we went to parade, my sister got herself a new phone (W595) as her PMR gift =). Then we went to Guardian. Guardian was having a sale giving off vouchers as well. So my family and I grabbed so much stuffs. We spent around RM300 at guardian alone. Haha, at least I got all the things I needed to go back to college.

Speaking bout going back, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning already. I feel heavy hearted leaving Ipoh. this holidays had been fun. It's different from the normal holidays I usually had cause I went out alot =D. Met a lot of friends, spending time with HER and MY FAMILY too. This holidays was fulfilled, holidays have met it's purpose. Haha. I felt very worth it spending all my time here in Ipoh. At least I did not spend my 2 months online and sleeping only. Haha. Holidays this time has been really fun, REALLY. Wasted no time, spent my time wisely and joyously. =) Can't wait for my next semester break again. The next break will be short only 2 weeks and it's 3 and a half months from now!!