Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ipoh Tomorrow

I'll be going back to Ipoh tomorrow after my first week of classes here. First week here was OKAY and quite RELAXING cause it's only the beginning of lessons. The semester study plan has changed. I no longer have 14 study weeks, it has now been extended to 17 weeks instead, and the same goes to my short sem, it has been extended. Short sem is no more "short". Haha. Well, it's OKAY for me. Less stress, better aim, better outcome. Wanna aim for something good this sem after a dramatic drop during my pass sem. U_U

Will be going back tomorrow to celebrate my 19th Birthday =D. I am growing !!! OLDER!!! I passed 18 years of life and I am entering the 19th one. Wakaka~~ But still, I ain't as mature as how my age states me to be. *Tsk Tsk*. Why be mature? =P

BTW, the internet line here is stable and smooth now. Never experienced this type of connection during the past 2 semesters. My row of neighbours are no longer smokers!!! YES!!! Lotsa freshies here though. Haha. I AM A SENIOR!!!

Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 yesterday with my friends. Don't really find that show interesting =.= We had 2 free "Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs" umbrella. I remembered last time when we went for Ice Age 3, we had to pay for these umbrellas and now they are giving out for free with every purchase of 2 regular combo. We had 4 combos so we got ourselves 2 umbrellas =D


reanaclaire said...

Weiwei... I wan..i wan.. so cute the umbrella.... can i have one please??? please? thanks!!

Gabriel said...

wow...have fun at home! Happy Birthday! hehe...nice umbrellas. lol...