Monday, January 18, 2010

Penang With Family '10

Hello EVERYBODY. How's everyone doing? Hope you guys are still round and fine. LOL. It has been long since I last updated. Cause recently don't have anything to update and wasn't in the mood for blogging also for the past week. Well, I'm back with more blogging and updates. =) GET READY, IT'S GONNA BE A LONG ONE~~~

Last Saturday my family came to Penang to visit me. My Mum, Bro, Sis and Gabriel. They came to Penang for a 2 Days 1 Night trip. They reached here around 11 in the morning, I was up and ready to go out with them =) As usual, the first thing we gotta do and usually do is FOOD HUNTING =P. We always think bout food when we are in Penang. So it was almost lunch time but not lunch time, too late for breakfast too, we call it BRUNCH. Everyone knows it right? =.="

Ok, we went to someplace called, _ _ _ Road for breakfast. Sorry cause I forgot the name of that location. I have bad memories. *Tsk Tsk* Breakfast was "Simple". % of us ordered and FINISHED up 3 bowls of laksa, 2 bowls Kuey Teow soup, 2 bowls of curry mee, 1 plate of fried oyster, 2 Popiahs and that's all excluding the drinks. Haha, my sister don't eat much and so does my mum. So most of the food is Wallop-ed by my bro and I and the most by Gabriel!! Hahahaha~!! We always order a lot when he is here cause if we can't finish, he can finish them for us. Haha. Can taste and no waste =P

After breakfast we went to Gurney Plaza to hang out. My mum asked me to choose something as my birthday present =O. The first thing that came into my mind "Electronics" and my mind started to list up Iphone, Ipod touch, HTC Diamond, Nokia and a little bit of Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Haha. But then, I didn't get any of them :( Every single one of them are expensive :( So, no birthday present this year :'(

After hanging out and walking up the down the mall, we went for our tea break =P Makan time again. And this time it's Gabriel's treat =P Wakakaka~!!! First place suggested - Chillies, went there but no more place to sit at the Non-smoker's area, so too bad. Then I suggested Swensens =P Everyone agreed and off we went. There, we didn't order much but enough to fill up all our stomach except for my sister's whom has a stomach which is "Always" full =.=" I forgot the name of all the food we ordered, again, bad memory. Haha. But the food are real nice. Thanks to Gabriel for his treat =) Hey Gab, next round again yea?? MUAHAHAHAHA~!!!!

There is one more Macaroni and Cheese but I don't have that photo with me. Oh yea, all these photos are taken by Mr. Photographer Gabriel. Kekeke...

***Sweet Sweet Sweet Foods***

That wasn't the end, we went back to our hotel after that and after some time my mum came back from her "date" Hahaha!!! and she brought back 10 pancakes( Tai Kau Min in canto..) 10 types all different flavours. I don't think we have that in Ipoh. Here, they have those with banana inside, ham, pork floss, tuna, cheese, chocolate and much more. Yeaz!! It's only an appetizer. Right after eating, we went for dinner already at Batu Feringghi. =.=
After makan, my mum went for "dating" again and the 4 of us went driving around Penang. =,= We weren't able to get lost cause in Penang, as long as you do not go towards the Ferry, you will not get lost. Haha. We went back after our driving round and when my mum came back, WOOP! It's supper time. 1 Ton of mee for everyone =D


reanaclaire said...

hey..apa dating.. i went out to buy supper for u all, ok!!!

To Glorify Him said...

haha..i, was a good trip to penang before i go back wei, whts ur birthday gift??

andy lai said...

Hahaha.. What do you want to give me ? :D

Anonymous said...

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