Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deprived Of Sleep

I finished my Assignment 1 yesterday. 2 more to go. For my EEE subject only. Other assignments for other subjects haven't been distributed yet. Yesterday has been a tiring night. Went to college around 8pm with my friends to continue my report for my Assignment 1. Assignment 1 is all about report only. Report about research on circuit designs for a Volume Unit Meter. I started doing already but yesterday was the last day to complete everything up. So went there started doing and doing and doing and searching for informations all over the net. Did until 11 something, texted Chun Hao and asked for his help. Thank you man, for helping me out even in drunk mode. Haha..

After doing for some time around 12++am, we went for supper. Some went for Mcd and as for me I went for Nasi Kandar!! Good old Malaysian Food =) Best supper food is mamak food. Haha.After eating we went to Mcd to meet up with the others. We wanted to continue our assignment there but there was no power plug for us to connect out laptop charger, so ended up few of us went back to hostel.
Upon reaching at 2am, I went back to my room, sat down and continued my report. Sorry Navin, for causing you not able to sleep. Haha. Did the report until around 5.30, everything was completed, double check and cleaned up the report. Went to sleep at 6 and woke up at 7 again to finish up a few more words for my conclusion and to print the report. Thanks to Gabriel for his printer ink. Hehe.

Assignment passed up this morning. Exactly 10 Pages including Appendix. Everyone in class looked like dead zombies. Asked many of them, all said that they did not sleep the whole night. After class I went for lunch and then I slept from around 2 - 6 but still, it's not enough for me. I gotta sleep more. Gonna go after this post. Haha.

So, alright, Got to go to bed.. Goodnight everyonezz...


reanaclaire said...

AIYOH!!! never sleep at all?? poor boy.. must replace back the lost sleep.. otherwise otak tak cergas.. go for some evening walks if got time.. all work no play also not good.. mum nagging again!

To Glorify Him said...

hehe..nagging, lol..make sure have enough rest, drink water..hehe..see u back during cny!

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