Friday, January 01, 2010


My first post for the year. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. May all of you have a wonderful year ahead, with 364 days to go before we go to another year. Let's start off with the first day today. =D

I had a great countdown yesterday. Every year was the same, countdown with my family in the room watching tv while online, but yesterday night was different. I had a countdown with Her, but of course she wasn't in my house, Haha. We we connected together during New Year's eve yesterday and celebrated this Wonderful Beginning of this year via webcam (Video Call). It may seem bit noob, but it was a very special thing to do. At least we get to talk and look at each another face to face. So near yet so far. And it was something special and uncommon too. People normally go for parties to celebrate the New Year's countdown but instead we stayed connected via MSN =) It was nice really. I had a great night chatting and video calling with Her.

This morning, I woke up at around 11am and my family and I went to town for lunch. Chicken Rice. PAK KONG CHICKEN RICE (Next to Rasa Sayang). O0ops, I was too hungry to snap any pics. Haha. Go there yourself and try it, it's nice especially when you're hungry =D. Then we went to parade, my sister got herself a new phone (W595) as her PMR gift =). Then we went to Guardian. Guardian was having a sale giving off vouchers as well. So my family and I grabbed so much stuffs. We spent around RM300 at guardian alone. Haha, at least I got all the things I needed to go back to college.

Speaking bout going back, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning already. I feel heavy hearted leaving Ipoh. this holidays had been fun. It's different from the normal holidays I usually had cause I went out alot =D. Met a lot of friends, spending time with HER and MY FAMILY too. This holidays was fulfilled, holidays have met it's purpose. Haha. I felt very worth it spending all my time here in Ipoh. At least I did not spend my 2 months online and sleeping only. Haha. Holidays this time has been really fun, REALLY. Wasted no time, spent my time wisely and joyously. =) Can't wait for my next semester break again. The next break will be short only 2 weeks and it's 3 and a half months from now!!


To Glorify Him said...

Great! Sounds like the same for me..guess I need to do some blogging bout new year cos everyone is oso writing..hehe..have a great time at school n a brand new start! :)

Gabriel said...

all the best andy! have a blast for the new sem! hehe...