Sunday, January 24, 2010

CNY To Come

I can't wait for Chinese New Year to come. I can't wait to go back to Ipoh again( 12 Feb) and meet everyone I wanna meet. =D Although this year, I won't be celebrating Chinese New Year, I still wanna go for reunion dinners =P I wanna go to my aunty's house and eat those dishes. Everytime I think of it I can remember my favourite soup. *Drollss* I wanna go eat those food now!!! >.< style="text-align: center;">
May this cute little Tiger bring prosperity to all of you.. Reminding me bout Double Prosperity Burger now =.=

I can't stand the desperation of having nice food thus I went for steamboat buffet with my friends again yesterday night. Haha. Went for steamboat with Gabriel and King Foong. We ate for 2 hours, was full enough but I forgot how much I ate and whether I ate enough but I know I was full. Haha. From now on, no more steamboat from that restaurant. Next buffet outing will be held in a western restaurant. LOL. We didn't know the price went up, it has gone from the cheapest to the expensive level, not the most expensive, but just expensive but still, the food there is NICE and lots of choices available as always. Dim sum, satay, fried crabs. Whoo~~~ Starting to feel that the food there are tasteless :-S


reanaclaire said...

wah...dint know u went for buffet steamboat.. so geng..

smallkucing said...

starting to feel hungry liao

kenwooi said...

happy CNY in advance =)