Friday, October 29, 2010

My Updates :D

Wow, I didn't know that blogger had a new settings for posting blog posts until I went into the settings. Haha. I am outdated. No wonder I had some problems updating my blog few posts back. Anywayz, I am back here again. I am suppose to be busy but, hey, it's my blog, I gotta feed it  :P [I have 1 Test, 2 Reports and 2 Assignments due this coming week] 0ops..!

I've been hanging out a lot lately. Nah, I've been hanging in Youtube a lot lately. Thanks to Erik for his Broadband, I can now surf Youtube. :) Before this, everytime I want to buffer a video, I have to take a nap before it finish buffering. Haha. I think the broadband is reaching its limit very soon. Well, let's see how it performs as I have 0.6GB to go before DIGI throttles my speed :S Not bad actually, torrents went well, but I'm still waiting to see what happens after this. Haha

Digi, Speed is all about consistency. We'll see about that soon !!
I will be going back to Ipoh for Deepavali. And NO!! Not that I celebrate Deepavali, it's just that, it will be kind of a long weekend for me and this is definitely a good reason for me to go back to Ipoh to meet my loved ones. :)

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates about Andy :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello People, My blog is dying. Gradually. Haha. I don't know when I'll stop blogging and change to another form of blogging. Will update bout it soon right after my semester ends in roughly about 1 months time. Stay updated for some new stuffs :)

I've been indulging myself into some videos, some might feel it's boring but I like 'em so much now. But of course at the same time, I'm still attached to my study priority :D

Remember the last time I said I'll be fixing my car audio player? Well, I did, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Haha. Although it's not really well fixed, but I guess it's now 80% functioning. Special thanks to King Foong and Gabriel for their help. My car can now sing to me when I drive. Haha.
isassembling the player. It was hard some parts cause the screw was very tight or it started to rust
From the bottom of the PCB. Can't trace anything. Haha. So we opened the top and trace it from the top
Yes. this is from the top. From here we can see the components inside. But too bad, we could hardly touch anyone of them. :(

So, finally, what we did as we connected everything back, made it more solid and less shaky. Connected it to my car and fix my car speakers. It seems one connection in my back speakers was spoiled causing distortion sounds. So, we replaced new wirings and connected them more solidly. Now I have 4 working speakers in my car, but one cracking a little though.

I am removing the song playlist from my blog. I think it's getting annoying everytime when someone enters they liten "The Closer I get To You". LoL. so, I'm removing it and instead I'll be sharing new fun videos each time I blog. :)

Here's one nice video, a nice MV I'm currently listening to.
David Choi - That Girl

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates For Time Being

Hi all, I am back for more updates. I finally feel free for this week and only this week, before I get back to my test and assignments next week till the end of my semester, which means I will be busy for the next 4 weeks again before my study break and final exams. Woo~ I have 7 lab reports to go. I hope to finish doing them before I get busy with my tests and stuffs. Hehe

There's a new hang out place here in Penang nearby my college. Bowling!! by Premium Lanes Well, I don't really bowl, but since I have a friend who is very interested in bowling. Wooi Kit so, we go there together. I've only been there once during the Opening Ceremony last week on 10/10/10. Game rate for whole day was at RM2 so everyone of us went. It took almost 2 hours before it was our turn. Here are some pictures of the bowling centre.
So many people during the opening ceremony
Everyone has to book for their turn to play
What a pity. The 1st lane broke on the day of Opening. LoL

The playing rates of this bowling centre is super high. RM6 per game. The cheapest is only available in the morning RM3.50 from 10am - 12pm. Why is it so expensive? Tsk tsk..

I will be back In Ipoh tomorrow again. Hehe. I am trying to go back at least twice a month. I think I've made it so far. Haha.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Finally, all my tests, assignments and all are all over!! I can finally take a break for this weekend. Everything ended yesterday and today's class was cancelled. So, I guess I can now take a break from everything and just sit down to relax. Hehe. And to update my blog.

My car's Air-Cond~ went crazy the other day. The air coming out wasn't cold at all and it felt very stuffy in the car. So I went to the mechanic to give it a check up, the mechanic said my air-cond gas are all gone, so he suspected a leak. I had to leave my car there last Friday afternoon for a check up. After an hour of checking and dismantling my car, he showed us that my cooling coil leaked and gas were flowing out through there. So, I had to change a whole new cooling coil for my car. My car ate my RM360 that day!! -.- Including of few other things like filling back my air cond gas and fixing my air cond starter. Everytime it takes like 30 seconds before the air cond starts flowing. So everything was done, my air cond is new now, I can feel the syokness in my car now. My mind on getting a new car has vanished suddenly. Haha. Feels so nice in my old junk car now :P
My car's Old Cooling Coil
The new one is in the car can't really take a picture of it. Haha

Since my car audio system had a problem. I brought it to a nearby shop to check but for free this time. He told me that my players is giving problems and according to him the best and cheapest player he had was RM180. For me I thought, well, it's not necessary lah~ So I came back, took out my player and now my car audio player is in my hostel room. Hehe. Will try opening it to see if there's any disconnected parts in the player. Since it's a plug and play audio player, it will be easy to plug it back into my car anytime. TeeHee~
My car's radio player. Gonna fix it soon.

Today is 10-10-10. What's the significance of it? Haha. I don't know but I guess it won't happen again for the next 1000 Years and this October there are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. Such events only happen every 823 years. So, enjoy your OCTOBER this year and have a memorable special October. I guess October should be a happy month for everyone since its so special :D

Friday, October 01, 2010

Short Break For Myself

O.0 Today's date is kinda nice, 01/10/10. Wait till it go 10/10/10. Hehe. It's October already so fast!!

Last 2 weeks I was busy finishing up my assignments and revising for tests. Finally, today, everything is done and I am back in Ipoh again for my self relaxation. Haha. But this coming week, I have 2 more tests to go and one assignment to due. Good thing it's minor ones, not the major projects building. I hadn't have enough sleep last night because I had to finish up my assignment report and stayed in college until 4am before I can go back and kiss my pillow and hug my bed. Haha. Well, I hope everything is worth the hardwork =) Well, at least I learnt a lot from this project. Especially my knowledge on transistors, SCRs, Schimitt Triggers. Haha. These knowledge are gonna come in handy when I do "things" next time. Haha

OSK Investment Challenge ended today. If you've not heard of it, it's a online stock investment game. Everything is based on real moving Malaysian shares but the only difference is the money, whereby we are given 100k virtual money. I hope I can get the participation certificate. LoL. Initially I thought I would hit the merit level, but last minute some stocks turned their backs on me. Haha. Luckily it was only a game. If not, Zzzzz.. Haha.

I notice something. Most blogs that I read, 50% are emo. LoL. But I wonder, people do like to read emo blogs =.=". Maybe someday I gotta try to type something emo. LoL