Friday, October 01, 2010

Short Break For Myself

O.0 Today's date is kinda nice, 01/10/10. Wait till it go 10/10/10. Hehe. It's October already so fast!!

Last 2 weeks I was busy finishing up my assignments and revising for tests. Finally, today, everything is done and I am back in Ipoh again for my self relaxation. Haha. But this coming week, I have 2 more tests to go and one assignment to due. Good thing it's minor ones, not the major projects building. I hadn't have enough sleep last night because I had to finish up my assignment report and stayed in college until 4am before I can go back and kiss my pillow and hug my bed. Haha. Well, I hope everything is worth the hardwork =) Well, at least I learnt a lot from this project. Especially my knowledge on transistors, SCRs, Schimitt Triggers. Haha. These knowledge are gonna come in handy when I do "things" next time. Haha

OSK Investment Challenge ended today. If you've not heard of it, it's a online stock investment game. Everything is based on real moving Malaysian shares but the only difference is the money, whereby we are given 100k virtual money. I hope I can get the participation certificate. LoL. Initially I thought I would hit the merit level, but last minute some stocks turned their backs on me. Haha. Luckily it was only a game. If not, Zzzzz.. Haha.

I notice something. Most blogs that I read, 50% are emo. LoL. But I wonder, people do like to read emo blogs =.=". Maybe someday I gotta try to type something emo. LoL

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