Sunday, October 10, 2010


Finally, all my tests, assignments and all are all over!! I can finally take a break for this weekend. Everything ended yesterday and today's class was cancelled. So, I guess I can now take a break from everything and just sit down to relax. Hehe. And to update my blog.

My car's Air-Cond~ went crazy the other day. The air coming out wasn't cold at all and it felt very stuffy in the car. So I went to the mechanic to give it a check up, the mechanic said my air-cond gas are all gone, so he suspected a leak. I had to leave my car there last Friday afternoon for a check up. After an hour of checking and dismantling my car, he showed us that my cooling coil leaked and gas were flowing out through there. So, I had to change a whole new cooling coil for my car. My car ate my RM360 that day!! -.- Including of few other things like filling back my air cond gas and fixing my air cond starter. Everytime it takes like 30 seconds before the air cond starts flowing. So everything was done, my air cond is new now, I can feel the syokness in my car now. My mind on getting a new car has vanished suddenly. Haha. Feels so nice in my old junk car now :P
My car's Old Cooling Coil
The new one is in the car can't really take a picture of it. Haha

Since my car audio system had a problem. I brought it to a nearby shop to check but for free this time. He told me that my players is giving problems and according to him the best and cheapest player he had was RM180. For me I thought, well, it's not necessary lah~ So I came back, took out my player and now my car audio player is in my hostel room. Hehe. Will try opening it to see if there's any disconnected parts in the player. Since it's a plug and play audio player, it will be easy to plug it back into my car anytime. TeeHee~
My car's radio player. Gonna fix it soon.

Today is 10-10-10. What's the significance of it? Haha. I don't know but I guess it won't happen again for the next 1000 Years and this October there are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. Such events only happen every 823 years. So, enjoy your OCTOBER this year and have a memorable special October. I guess October should be a happy month for everyone since its so special :D

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reanaclaire said...

thank goodness.. the car is alright.. if u want to change the car player, do so.. got flakelet ma. :)