Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello People, My blog is dying. Gradually. Haha. I don't know when I'll stop blogging and change to another form of blogging. Will update bout it soon right after my semester ends in roughly about 1 months time. Stay updated for some new stuffs :)

I've been indulging myself into some videos, some might feel it's boring but I like 'em so much now. But of course at the same time, I'm still attached to my study priority :D

Remember the last time I said I'll be fixing my car audio player? Well, I did, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Haha. Although it's not really well fixed, but I guess it's now 80% functioning. Special thanks to King Foong and Gabriel for their help. My car can now sing to me when I drive. Haha.
isassembling the player. It was hard some parts cause the screw was very tight or it started to rust
From the bottom of the PCB. Can't trace anything. Haha. So we opened the top and trace it from the top
Yes. this is from the top. From here we can see the components inside. But too bad, we could hardly touch anyone of them. :(

So, finally, what we did as we connected everything back, made it more solid and less shaky. Connected it to my car and fix my car speakers. It seems one connection in my back speakers was spoiled causing distortion sounds. So, we replaced new wirings and connected them more solidly. Now I have 4 working speakers in my car, but one cracking a little though.

I am removing the song playlist from my blog. I think it's getting annoying everytime when someone enters they liten "The Closer I get To You". LoL. so, I'm removing it and instead I'll be sharing new fun videos each time I blog. :)

Here's one nice video, a nice MV I'm currently listening to.
David Choi - That Girl

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reanaclaire said...

hey clever of you and your frens.. getting the player fixed up.. the knowledge of EnE are not put into waste.. hahahaa..