Friday, October 29, 2010

My Updates :D

Wow, I didn't know that blogger had a new settings for posting blog posts until I went into the settings. Haha. I am outdated. No wonder I had some problems updating my blog few posts back. Anywayz, I am back here again. I am suppose to be busy but, hey, it's my blog, I gotta feed it  :P [I have 1 Test, 2 Reports and 2 Assignments due this coming week] 0ops..!

I've been hanging out a lot lately. Nah, I've been hanging in Youtube a lot lately. Thanks to Erik for his Broadband, I can now surf Youtube. :) Before this, everytime I want to buffer a video, I have to take a nap before it finish buffering. Haha. I think the broadband is reaching its limit very soon. Well, let's see how it performs as I have 0.6GB to go before DIGI throttles my speed :S Not bad actually, torrents went well, but I'm still waiting to see what happens after this. Haha

Digi, Speed is all about consistency. We'll see about that soon !!
I will be going back to Ipoh for Deepavali. And NO!! Not that I celebrate Deepavali, it's just that, it will be kind of a long weekend for me and this is definitely a good reason for me to go back to Ipoh to meet my loved ones. :)

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates about Andy :D

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