Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates For Time Being

Hi all, I am back for more updates. I finally feel free for this week and only this week, before I get back to my test and assignments next week till the end of my semester, which means I will be busy for the next 4 weeks again before my study break and final exams. Woo~ I have 7 lab reports to go. I hope to finish doing them before I get busy with my tests and stuffs. Hehe

There's a new hang out place here in Penang nearby my college. Bowling!! by Premium Lanes Well, I don't really bowl, but since I have a friend who is very interested in bowling. Wooi Kit so, we go there together. I've only been there once during the Opening Ceremony last week on 10/10/10. Game rate for whole day was at RM2 so everyone of us went. It took almost 2 hours before it was our turn. Here are some pictures of the bowling centre.
So many people during the opening ceremony
Everyone has to book for their turn to play
What a pity. The 1st lane broke on the day of Opening. LoL

The playing rates of this bowling centre is super high. RM6 per game. The cheapest is only available in the morning RM3.50 from 10am - 12pm. Why is it so expensive? Tsk tsk..

I will be back In Ipoh tomorrow again. Hehe. I am trying to go back at least twice a month. I think I've made it so far. Haha.

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