Saturday, June 27, 2009

Midnight In IICP

Haha, I am at my college now with some friends. Gonna stay here till midnight. Whole college only 4 of us here and the connection now is superb. Well, this is the reason why we are here now.
Downloading movies and videos here is great. My speed is reaching almost 600kbps. The fastest I've ever seen live with my eyes. Haha. I am enjoying this very much. Too bad I can't print screen it down. The speed changes every milisecond. =.=

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Past 5 Days

I try to update my blog as frequent as possible at an average of once every 5 days. And my past 5 days was very fun, so that drove me into updating my blog now. At first I was very lazy to update so I took a nap, then justnow when I woke up, I decided to update since I am lucky enough to use the internet connection now.

SOOO... Let's start of with past Saturday. My mum came to Penang and brought me out for lunch in Queensbay. We went to Wong Kok Restaurant for lunch. At first wanted to go for Dragon-i but it was too expensive. So we went to Wong Kok instead. After that, my mum and I spent quality time together in the mall walking around. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time I am hanging out with my mum^^. Then we stopped by at Mango. not the fruit, the boutique. My mum kept questioning whether she should get the outfits. SO, this was what I told her, "Both your sons are in uni/college, this is the time when you start enjoying yourself" Haha. So she bought 2 of 'em. Then she ask me, "Do you wanna get one?" I got what she was trying to say but then I replied " I don't wear this type of clothes". Haha

NEXT DAY, Sunday. This was the night where my friends and I went to BJ MALL and got ourselves a 4 in 1 Stephen Chow DVD. As Monday's class starts at 12pm. So we decided that on every Sunday night we should enjoy movies till midnight. So, we watched all 4 movies in a night while cracking peanuts and from now on that will be out Sunday Fellowship Time. LOL

Monday was the next day. It was my first time going to Gurney Drive after being here for 2 months. I've been there many times already during my school holidays with my family. Almost every year but then it was far from my place. On Monday our class starts at 12 and ends at 1. So after class we went for lunch, sent a reference book for photostating then we drove to Gurney. None of us knows exactly where is it and how to get there. So roughly roughly we bang in here and there and we ended up in Gurney Plaza. Haha. Another nice day to hang out with friends without any early plannings. All of a sudden went there. Weather was good that day, but we had no time to walk along the sidewalk.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Today, nothing much. SO, I am going for dinner now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Morning

Let me tell you all a funny incident happened this morning. Thinking of it makes me wanna laugh. ROFL~!!
Ok, it started this morning 6.50am, Navin went to the bathroom for shower. I woke up around 7.++am and went to the bathroom. Both our class starts at the same time on Fridays. SO, when I went to the bathroom Navin asked me " Got key or not?" My mind was thinking "What key?" Normally Navin takes the room key when he goes for shower. Then both of us is like shocked, "S*** NO KEY AFTER BATHING HOW TO GO BACK INTO THE ROOM???" Then I said, "Nevermind, later after bath we go down to the lobby to get the masterkey" Then okey la, go on and bath first, enjoy the COLD water.

20 Minutes Later

I came out first cause normally I bath faster than Navin. So I went downstairs to get the masterkey BUT see see, no one is in the office. MATI~!! It's 7.30am and both of us have a test this morning at 8am. Alternative, we borrowed one guy's handphone and we called the clerk at that moment itself. That clerk said she would be here only in 20 minutes. WHAT?!?!?! SO, both of us stood outside our room topless. My friend, Gabriel came out from his dorm and saw us there so he came over and gave us 2 paper clips. We even tried to pick-lock our own door. =.=
The key arrived 25 minutes later and at that time our bodies were dry already. =.= and the time was 7.55am. My friend was outside the door waiting for me. So I got dressed in 2 minutes and went to college. Gabriel and I were late for 15 minutes and Navin didn't have to go to college after all cause his test was postponed. But luckily my test hasn't started that time.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nothing To Title Out

Hello guys and girls. I am back again with NO more durians. I am starting to get sick, feeling heaty today. Don't know what caused this but I think it's my turn since all my friends have gotten it already. Haha, but I don't feel as serious YET as I do not have sorethroat and fever. So gotta take more intakes of Vitamins and fruits. Gonna peel some orange right after I finish this post. Haha.

My timetable has changed, I changed my English lecturer. The funnest lecturer is now gone, but there came a new lecturer who we can play with. Still relaxing in english class. Not as tensed as in programming class or electronics class. Some days I will be really free like 1 or 2 hours of class a day and some days I will be really packed up like Tuesdays I have 7 hours of lectures. 3 hours continuing to 1 more hour then 1 hour lunch break and finally last 3 hours of lecture *FAINT*

Wanna talk a little bout Perak Marching Band Competition 2009. It will be on 3rd of July, fortunately it's a friday so I can go back and watch. I feel different this year as I won't be participating. Although last year I didn't join the comp but at that time SMI wasn't in the competition and this year, SMI will be in and I wouldn't be marching in the band. Somehow I feel uneasy. I am not familiar with the situation of watching the band I was in performing in front of me in stadium. Every competition night of the year has been very some sort of a grand night for me when I was marching in the band last time. And now, I feel like I am attending something grand with a different personallity and character. I am NOT USED TO IT and I don't even know how to express it.
Anyways, all the best to all the bands that would be participating this year. And to my formal band, guys don't be so tensed up with competition. Relax and Enjoy, don't lose your confidence, don't get emotional over time and just be who YOU were FEW YEARS back when you first joined the band. That's the best of you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Right after I updated the previous post, my friend called and said there will be another durian today because he went to the stall and told that guy the 3rd durian we ate yesterday was not tasty. so that man gave him another durian. So he brought it here today. And yea, for yesterday and today, we actually smuggled the durians in because our hostel does not allow durians in the dorms =). Yesterday was in my friend's room, today was in my room. AND today's one taste superbly GREAT~!!! SWEET~!!! TASTY~!!! BEST~!! UNBEATABLE~!!!

This is how today's durian looks like~~


Mixing BM to English in my title. Haha. Just finished my programming quiz today. No comments. Don't wanna talk bout it. Haha.
It has been a very busy week this week. Assignments, Tests and Quiz. It's almost over. One more report to be done tonight.
What's fun this week was the durians~!! Sudah lama tak makan durian, so asked one of my friends to get Durians from Balik Pulau(Its name is Balik Pulau, not back to the island) aka the best durian distributing area in Penang. So he bought it yesterday and we ate them up after lunch. Only 3 at the price of RM20. Not bad. Worth the price. Haha. I am trying to upload some photos up cause I notice that my blog is quite dull with no pics whatsoever. Let's see what I can do with the connection here. Can't upload much too slow...

[Before] It looks nice from the outside itself

[After] This shell shape reminds me of something =P

Oh yeah, and we did mountain hiking twice last week. It was only 5 minutes away from our hostel so we went for some exercising. There were many durian trees up there but unfortunately we don't get to pluck any down. LOL

This is the viw from the top but most of it is blocked by trees =.=

Han Wen and Navin enjoying the view of bushes in their couple shirt ^^

Staying here is not too bored when there are friends around, but when the weekends come, it starts to get bored all over again. Will be back for more photos this weekend when the connection gets better. Hehe

And yea, I am bad in snapping pics.... HAHA

Friday, June 05, 2009


Every weekend here in Penang is boring cause all my friends travel back to butterworth during weekends BUT the line is good during the weekends cause most of the people staying here goes back during the weekend, so less traffic. Good thing I can online today because I need to ask my cousin bout some problems with my assignment. It looks like a piece of cake to him and like a boulder of rock to me. It might be piece of cake to me too, few months from now. Haha. I now find this subject( Basic Electrical Technology) hard. Mind the word basic, it's basic but not a basic level. One thing I find bout my lecturer for this subject unlike other lecturers is that she gives very little examples. Too little and the examples are all easy examples, but the ones in the assignment are like completely different stuffs.
Actually I can do those questions. It's just that I am not sure if those are the correct methods of solving the questions. Another thing is that, it may seem to be solved like that, but it's NOT. It's like every question are special case questions. It's like " Only Available In Assignments" LOL. I am really stuck. I can solve half and I can't solve the other half.
When I do the questions I refer to the notes and solve accordindly, but when I ask my cousin, my methods are wrong cause those examples in the notes are not really applicable into the questions in the assignments. ARGH~!!! This subject really requires 100% critical thinkings and it's really tough. I need help~!!!