Thursday, June 11, 2009


Mixing BM to English in my title. Haha. Just finished my programming quiz today. No comments. Don't wanna talk bout it. Haha.
It has been a very busy week this week. Assignments, Tests and Quiz. It's almost over. One more report to be done tonight.
What's fun this week was the durians~!! Sudah lama tak makan durian, so asked one of my friends to get Durians from Balik Pulau(Its name is Balik Pulau, not back to the island) aka the best durian distributing area in Penang. So he bought it yesterday and we ate them up after lunch. Only 3 at the price of RM20. Not bad. Worth the price. Haha. I am trying to upload some photos up cause I notice that my blog is quite dull with no pics whatsoever. Let's see what I can do with the connection here. Can't upload much too slow...

[Before] It looks nice from the outside itself

[After] This shell shape reminds me of something =P

Oh yeah, and we did mountain hiking twice last week. It was only 5 minutes away from our hostel so we went for some exercising. There were many durian trees up there but unfortunately we don't get to pluck any down. LOL

This is the viw from the top but most of it is blocked by trees =.=

Han Wen and Navin enjoying the view of bushes in their couple shirt ^^

Staying here is not too bored when there are friends around, but when the weekends come, it starts to get bored all over again. Will be back for more photos this weekend when the connection gets better. Hehe

And yea, I am bad in snapping pics.... HAHA

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