Friday, June 05, 2009


Every weekend here in Penang is boring cause all my friends travel back to butterworth during weekends BUT the line is good during the weekends cause most of the people staying here goes back during the weekend, so less traffic. Good thing I can online today because I need to ask my cousin bout some problems with my assignment. It looks like a piece of cake to him and like a boulder of rock to me. It might be piece of cake to me too, few months from now. Haha. I now find this subject( Basic Electrical Technology) hard. Mind the word basic, it's basic but not a basic level. One thing I find bout my lecturer for this subject unlike other lecturers is that she gives very little examples. Too little and the examples are all easy examples, but the ones in the assignment are like completely different stuffs.
Actually I can do those questions. It's just that I am not sure if those are the correct methods of solving the questions. Another thing is that, it may seem to be solved like that, but it's NOT. It's like every question are special case questions. It's like " Only Available In Assignments" LOL. I am really stuck. I can solve half and I can't solve the other half.
When I do the questions I refer to the notes and solve accordindly, but when I ask my cousin, my methods are wrong cause those examples in the notes are not really applicable into the questions in the assignments. ARGH~!!! This subject really requires 100% critical thinkings and it's really tough. I need help~!!!

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