Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back & Back

I came back to Ipoh again two days ago to settle my scholarship contract and will be going back to penang today. I was home alone the whole day yesterday because my mum fetch my bro to KL for his internship program and my sister followed so I was home alone. Although I was home alone, I spent my time happily. Haha. Yesterday afternoon I went to Jusco to hang out with a good friend of mine, Bryan. Thanks for the company man. Thanks for fetching me there and back home. Maybe the next time we should get more people to come along too. But yesterday I called many people to come out, but most of them seem busy so Bryan was the only one available. After hanging out with him, I went home, rotted for a while and planned with Navin to go to school to visit the members. Yesterday was fun, it was fun spending time with them. It has been a long time since the last time I spent time with them having fun.

MMB Percussion Line will never change. No matter how the band change or how the surroundings change, the Percussion Line stays strong with support from alumni and seniors from the previous line ups. MMB Percussion Rawkzz~!!! Keigan, Aloy, stay strong, the seniors and ex-percussionist are all by your backs.

Will be going back later, bus at 7.15pm. Will be coming back again but don't know when. Hope to see my group of members again as happy as always. Keep in touch guys =)

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