Friday, May 15, 2009


Struggling~!!!! Struggling through to get online. Still keeping this blog active^^Haha. Getting to online here is like buying 4D. It all depends on luck. If I am lucky enough, I will get to online. I can online almost whole evening today. I think many people went back to their hometown. I am here for two weeks already. Will be going back next friday evening. Go back to Ipoh and taste some home cook food. :P Too much of "ajinomoto food" here already. But, the food here is nice especially the one in college cafetaria. The one in the hostel is *speechless*

I got a call from The Star Education Fund few days back and the officer told me that I have been shortlisted for interview for the scholarship fund. And the great thing is that, my interview is at INTI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE PENANG. Haha. At first I was wondering how did my interview venue land in IICP but then I remembered that in my application form I applied for scholarship to enter IICP. Haha. This is really one of God's most wonderful blessings. It will be on next tuesday and coincidently on that day, my morning class was postponed. WOW, no need to skip class for the interview. For now, I really hope on getting the shcolarship. I hope God will continue guiding me through this interview.

So, that's it for now, going downstairs for some TV, just finished my programming homework ^^

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Anonymous said...

nice =D
all the best in the interview =)