Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just An Update

I am online now and I've got nothing to do. The line seemed to be on my side these few days. I get to online for the past few days although the speed is EMTREMELY SLOW but still, I get to online better than nothing right? Haha.
Just finished dota-ing one round in hostel here. There are people who dota here in this hostel via LAN but only once in a blue moon. Justnow was the first time I played with the hostel residents whom I don't know at all(Complete Strangers). Well, it was a fun game after so long not playing this game. 2 on 5 and we won. Haha, nice match, we made them all leaving the game. *Sigh*

As everyone knows, in primary school, secondary school and university/college, there are always your favoutire subject, your most boring subject and the subjects where you can really concentrate for hours with full attention. I summarized out a list of the subjects I love most from 1 - 4
(1) MAT1121 - Engineering Mathematics
(2) ENL1108 - Technical English
(3) EEE1102 - Basic Electrical Technology
(4) CSC1180 - Introduction To Computer and Visual Programming

Actually, overall, all the subjects don't make me get bored, just arrange them for the fun of it. Haha. I don't quite seem to enjoy English as much as I do in secondary school. This is because Technical English, we do learn english, but we learn english the HARD way. All we need do in secondary school is just to ensure we speak and write good english. But the english I am learning now are the in-depth of english, something like the groups of english, specifying every single part of english. I don't understand the point of learning this. Can't we just do english as we do english? At the end of the da it's all english in english. ZZzzz

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