Friday, May 22, 2009

I Am Back

Hello EVERYBODY. I am back in Ipoh. Just reached around 745 justnow. It was a very long journey. I didn't know it takes 3 hours from Penang to Ipoh. Haha. Actually the driver was slow, real slow. So how's things with everybody? I started my journey at 445 this evening. The bus stopped in Butterworth first before going for Ipoh. Upoen reaching butterworth, I received a call, a great call. The guys who interviewed me for The Star Education Fund called me. I GOT THE SCHOLARSHIP~!!! THANK GOD~!!! It was really a great surprise for me. Gotta go to the office this Thursday to sign the contract. Now, my tuition fees are fully waived. This is really a great blessing from God. Praise God For His Wonderful Work.


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