Wednesday, May 06, 2009

College Updates

Hey guys and girls, I am back, finally I can online, this means I made my way through the other 220 internet users in this hostel. Haha. OK lets go straight to what I did during the past 3 days of class. So far, everything started easy but I think the hard stuffs will come in next week.

So far, I did Technical English which I don't really get what's this subject about yet. Then for Iintroductions To Computer Systems and Programming, trust me, it is not introduction or anything. We started to learn bout Microsoft Visual Studio, a program used to draw out programs or programming. This subject will be fun and at the same time annoying cause I don't like to memorize codes. Or shall I say I don't like to memorize stuffs and the worse part is that in this subject of IT, I have to memorize a lot especially the computer system part. The lecturer said " This is an easy subject, all you have to do is to read and memorize" and I was like "That's hard enough for me." LOL, so I gotta really buck upon my memorization skills.

Speaking bout my memory, this leads to my next subject Engineering Mathermatics 1. Guess what??? I am learning add-maths again and this is a harder a version of add-maths. And as I said, I have poor memory and of course I've already forgotten most of the things I learn during SPM period. They even have trigonometric function. Great, my weakest chapter in add-maths. The A I got for add-maths in SPM is not gonna help me much here. We have different terms and formulae but it all uses the same idea just a little more complicated. Example, we are calling square roots as SURDS. =.=

Final Subject, Basic Electrical Technology. Went to the first lecture class and I learnt bout stuffs I learnt in form 5 physics but again it is a little more complicated.

Haha, so the conclusion is gotta buck up and it's time to work for the future =)

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all the best =)

reanaclaire said...

wow... so u r learning all new stuffs.. i better get those books to u
hope u can buck up with them..son..