Thursday, May 21, 2009

Early Morning Post

It's consider early in the morning now, the time is 7.20a.m. Just had my bath and got myself ready for class. Class will be at 8am later. Actually it's a replacement class. Just woke up and tried logging in into the internet and I did it. I guess not many people online this early in the morning. As the connection resets during the midnight every hour, those who are sleeping won't be able to connect.

SO, let's see, I will be back to Ipoh tomorrow. After three weeks, I wanna taste the taste of home cooked food. The food here are simply too much cooked with MSGs. My mum called up few days back and I've already told her what dishes I would like =P. My bus tomorrow will be at 4.45pm. Penang - Butterworth - Ipoh. I got the aunty working in the hostel to help me buy. Of course she charges extra. Extra RM2 per ticket. Ok la, RM2 is reasonable. Good thing she wasn't too money minded to charge us RM15 for her transportation and time because that's what she normally charges for fetching people from the hostel to the place nearby. Even the taxi prices are the same. Getting from my house to Queensbay is like getting from my house(Ipoh Garden) to Jusco. And here in Penang it's rm15 per trip, back in Ipoh it's only rm6 - 8. Penang living cost high gua.

Will continue some post when I go back to Ipoh. Can't wait to go back after so long.

*Missing Somebody*

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