Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love My Family

I love my home.
I love my house.
I love my family.
I love being around with my family.
I love hanging out with my family.
I like it when the whole family is in the house.
I like it when the whole family goes out together.
I like it when the family watch movie together.
I like it when the whole family eats together.
I like it when the whole family.
I like it when the whole family goes out jogging together.
I like it when we celebrate birthdays together.

My Happy Family - My mum (Claire) , my elder bro (Aaron), my younger sis (Fernie), and ME and my belated father (John) =P

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back In Penang

Hey guys, it has been long since I last updated. I am back in Penang. One week of holidays are over (again). Huhu, time passes fast everytime we enjoy ourselves. Another year of CNY passed. But this year was different. Much less visitations. But still, I have my cousin to keep my company like every other year. Normally Wilson and I will game every night during CNY holidays, but this year it was different. We watched movies, our old time favourites. Haha. A change for this year.

Everytime after the holidays, I feel lazy to come back here in Penang. I believe every feels the same too after holidays. Who wants to work after enjoying so much. Haha. =D But 4 days later I'll be going back again for 3 days of holidays. Friday is a public holiday you know? Haha.. and it's my bro's birthday too this week, so, going back to celebrate with my family =D

Huhu, classes will be resuming tomorrow again. Feels lazy to go to classes now =P Another 8 weeks to go before my next holidays. Feel like my course is so long. Haha. Can time pass faster and so that I could graduate faster?? Haha. Diploma faster come and go then I could do my degree then my *cough cough* masters . LOL!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year..

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year. May ALL be blessed in this year of the Tiger. Have fun with your family and friends. Gamble more, lose less, Drink more, drunk less. =) Take care and have fun.

To all my loved ones, Happy Valentines day~!! May the love and bond between us never break.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot and Heaty

I can't stand the weather now. The weather is so so so hot. I was planning to go to Queensbay this afternoon but turned up I didn't feel like going because of the heat. I can feel the heat everywhere now. I can imagine how hot it could be during CNY. Every year, during CNY the weather will be extra hot. I don't know why. Is it because we wear red which corresponds to the sun's nature? =.=? I don't like feeling hot. Sweating when sleeping, sweating when talking, sweating when walking, sweating while doing nothing, even now typing this post I am sweating. Zzz...

I had my Engineering Maths test today. Woke up 5am and went to Kayu with Gabriel to do some revision before the test. The moment I woke up I could feel that I am gonna fall sick. I started to have slight flu, then after some time, I had running nose. And up to now, I have very slight fever, sore throat and running nose. To make myself worse, the sun is not on my side, it is seeking for me even when I am sick. >.<" Can't the rain start to pour? It has been so long since the last time it rained. Since the weather is so hot, doesn't that make the water rise and form clouds faster? LoL, am I correct with my theory? Seas are drying up and no water is pouring down. Where did all the water went? =.=

I just hope it could rain again like whole day drizzling or something. Don't wanna sweat while sleeping everynight. It is so uncomfortable. I haven't been using my blanket for like so long. Maybe the hostel is another factor. I should, would and have to move out during my next semester by all means!!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

CNY Preparations

At this time of every year, everyone would be preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. The same goes to me and my family. Usually at this time of the year, my grandfather would asks me to go together for some shopping. To get snacks, biscuits, drinks and visitation gifts for people. Also, during this time, we will be preparing to fry prawn crackers and fish crackers. Then we will be cleaning tins to keep those fried crackers. But this year, everything is so different. This year, I won't be going out anymore to prepare for CNY instead I will be here in Penang waiting for CNY to come. Since my grandfather is no longer here anymore, I think my maid would do the frying but I wonder who will do the shopping for snacks and drinks. I hope my brother has time for it when he gets back next Thursday. Maybe on Friday night or Saturday I can go out and get some too.

Well, although we won't be having a merry celebration this year, but still, every member in the family will spend time fellowship together. Although my grandfather is not here anymore, but I can remember and will always practice what he had asked us to do. I know his biggest wish is to see the family members coming together once a year to reunite and fellowship together and have a great time. I remember every year after reunion dinner, everyone will be chatting and having fun, and my grandfather he will be sitting there looking at us smiling. I can also recall during Chinese New Year, we will be going around but my grandfather would be home watching TV most of the time except when we go for visitations. I feel regret why didn't we keep him company every year during Chinese New Year.

I know he loves it when everyone spend quality time with each other at least once a year and Chinese New Year mustn't be a miss. I miss my grandfather very much and this upcoming Chinese New Year will be a great memorial of him to me.