Monday, March 26, 2007

Back From Convention Camp

The camp was fun. Everyone was so friendly. Four schools participated. St. Anthony, St. George, St. Xavier and St. Michaels(host). So we checked in bout 4pm on friday and got to know bout 1 or 2 Xavieriens. Then we had a little briefing, singing session, ice-breakers and it was games already. Great teamwork games we played for both evenings. These games can be good for the band members as it requires teamwork. Haha. Next was the first session where we learnt bout the founder of La Salla. St. John Baptist de La Salle. Other sessions were about friendship basically and every session has a game of it own. Fr the first time in a such camps I can mix around with people. I remember last time I use to be shy or something like that. Haha.

Night time was even fun where the schedule says lights off at 1130pm but we slept at bout 2am and no one cares. Haha. All the Xavieriens like to gamble and one small dorm we went in a bout 12 people. Wow. Imagine the amount of heat we can generate in there. Haha.

The last night we went to dormsi and find those who slept and applied DARLIE on their faces. Imagine that. Haha. This afternoon we grabbed one Xavierien and "DARLIED" his whole head till he can even wash it off his hair and he is asking for a photo taken when being GANGED-UP!!

This camp is fun and is memorable. More than I'ver expected it would be.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Happening Week

This week has been so busy and lots of things happened. Firstly was my prefect interview. I don't know how it went but I hope I pass the interview. The head prefect was the strict one. The teachers are the cool ones. Haha.

Secondly was that a real big bomb just hit my life. Nothing seems to last forever I guess. What a great surprise and impact. Please do not ask me what was it cause I am not gonna tell.

Thirdly, tomorrow camp again in LA SALLE centre again.l0l. just finished band camp there, tomorrow going back there for camp again. Leadership Convention Camp. Only 10 are selected from out school and I guess I was the lucky one. Haha. Joshua and I. At least someone to accompany me. Hehe. Camp till Sunday. Hope that it's fun and I will get to know more people there. :P

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Klebang Hill

ok. So that's how klebang hill is like. Climbed it today. Very nice experience to climb a mountain and really sweated a lot. Really a lot. On the way up some were tired cause first time climbing it. Well, can't blame them cause they are girls. It's my first time also but I am a guy la so sure got stamina la. Band member some more no stamina die lor. Reached up there took a rest and continued the journey walking down the tar road. Going down requires more energy on my legs cause the road is quite steep and I spend lots of energy trying to brake myself. l0l. After a while we went up somewhere in a shelter and had our breakfast. l0l.

After that continued our journey on tar roads down till one place where we need to climb the stairs down. Quite a number of stairs. l0l. Then there was one place where we even have to walk in the drain. l0l.

Finally, reached back to the place we started after bout 2 hours. Haha. Great journey though tiring.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back From Camp

Ok ok. Blogs update. Just back from camp. 2 camps actually. Saturday till Monday was junior training camp and Monday to Wednesday was formation training camp. Well, it was darn fun although there are problems everyday.l0l. Everynight supper with junk foods although the rules was no food in dorms. l0l. ALL Organizing commitees are rule breakers. We did a lot of things juniors can't do. l0l. That was why it was so fun. GAmes time was even fun especially during night stalk from 12++am till 2++am. l0l. Next morning all dead fish under hot sun from 1 something till 5 something. BURN. But eventually I did not turn any darker. I thought i would be thinner back form camp but instead I grown fatter. Ate too much. More than exercising. l0l

It was good that my section got to finish learning the formation fortunately. Haha. But I can conclude that my section members are blur and has lots of questions. Anything as long as they can understand. So now have to wait for one more bass drummer to come for practice and it is all done. I hope I can build this year's percussion line without any problem. Good thing Keng Joon is coming back for form 6 SMI so that he can guide me n my section since I am taking snare this year.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Updates Off Till 14 March

Oh no. No more updates till 14 march. Simply because my computer's graphic card got problem now. Sometime can work sometime cannot and band camp will start this saturday till followwing wednesiday. So do come back on the thursday ya? 15. Help me keep my blog alive. Haha. Thnx. Bye. Take care everyone!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


hey all. No topic just blog. exam just finished today. IT wasn't as hard as expected. l0l. but the science 2 students suffered their accounts exam. kakaka. Science 1 students finish everything and still got so much time to sleep. What? l0l. This exam I think can get good results cause first test. Next exam sure K.O.

Band Band Band Camp next holidays for 5days?!?! Juniors 2days seniors 3 days. Commitees 5 days. T.T . I am the secretary so need to type letters. Something that I don't really enjoy but I enjoy copying letters from my brother's band letters since 2004. l0l. Just change the dates and it's done. l0l. camp need to skip tuitions. Chamzzz. Jeffery good luck as the chairman and Navin also ya. kaka. BRyan good luck in collecting fees.

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