Monday, March 26, 2007

Back From Convention Camp

The camp was fun. Everyone was so friendly. Four schools participated. St. Anthony, St. George, St. Xavier and St. Michaels(host). So we checked in bout 4pm on friday and got to know bout 1 or 2 Xavieriens. Then we had a little briefing, singing session, ice-breakers and it was games already. Great teamwork games we played for both evenings. These games can be good for the band members as it requires teamwork. Haha. Next was the first session where we learnt bout the founder of La Salla. St. John Baptist de La Salle. Other sessions were about friendship basically and every session has a game of it own. Fr the first time in a such camps I can mix around with people. I remember last time I use to be shy or something like that. Haha.

Night time was even fun where the schedule says lights off at 1130pm but we slept at bout 2am and no one cares. Haha. All the Xavieriens like to gamble and one small dorm we went in a bout 12 people. Wow. Imagine the amount of heat we can generate in there. Haha.

The last night we went to dormsi and find those who slept and applied DARLIE on their faces. Imagine that. Haha. This afternoon we grabbed one Xavierien and "DARLIED" his whole head till he can even wash it off his hair and he is asking for a photo taken when being GANGED-UP!!

This camp is fun and is memorable. More than I'ver expected it would be.

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