Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back From Camp

Ok ok. Blogs update. Just back from camp. 2 camps actually. Saturday till Monday was junior training camp and Monday to Wednesday was formation training camp. Well, it was darn fun although there are problems everyday.l0l. Everynight supper with junk foods although the rules was no food in dorms. l0l. ALL Organizing commitees are rule breakers. We did a lot of things juniors can't do. l0l. That was why it was so fun. GAmes time was even fun especially during night stalk from 12++am till 2++am. l0l. Next morning all dead fish under hot sun from 1 something till 5 something. BURN. But eventually I did not turn any darker. I thought i would be thinner back form camp but instead I grown fatter. Ate too much. More than exercising. l0l

It was good that my section got to finish learning the formation fortunately. Haha. But I can conclude that my section members are blur and has lots of questions. Anything as long as they can understand. So now have to wait for one more bass drummer to come for practice and it is all done. I hope I can build this year's percussion line without any problem. Good thing Keng Joon is coming back for form 6 SMI so that he can guide me n my section since I am taking snare this year.

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