Saturday, March 17, 2007

Klebang Hill

ok. So that's how klebang hill is like. Climbed it today. Very nice experience to climb a mountain and really sweated a lot. Really a lot. On the way up some were tired cause first time climbing it. Well, can't blame them cause they are girls. It's my first time also but I am a guy la so sure got stamina la. Band member some more no stamina die lor. Reached up there took a rest and continued the journey walking down the tar road. Going down requires more energy on my legs cause the road is quite steep and I spend lots of energy trying to brake myself. l0l. After a while we went up somewhere in a shelter and had our breakfast. l0l.

After that continued our journey on tar roads down till one place where we need to climb the stairs down. Quite a number of stairs. l0l. Then there was one place where we even have to walk in the drain. l0l.

Finally, reached back to the place we started after bout 2 hours. Haha. Great journey though tiring.

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